Mama June Has Never Believed Chickadee’s Molestation Claims

October 30, 2014 04:00:36 by Stephanie Gustafson


Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell may currently be speaking out against June Shannon, but the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star is not likely to evoke a change of heart in her mother. According to the latest rumors on Twitter, Mama June didn’t believe Chickadee when she was only eight — and she certainly doesn’t believe her now!

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Survivor: San Juan Del Sur Interview — Dale Wentworth Would Have Quit For His Daughter

October 30, 2014 03:00:31 by Ryan Haidet


He started out the game aggressively outspoken, which quickly made him a target.  But Dale Wentworth survived numerous Tribal Councils on Survivor: San Juan Del Sur and proved he was quite the strategist.  Shortly before he was voted out of the game, Dale made a brilliant move to convince Jon he found a hidden Immunity Idol.  Although his pitch to give the Idol away should he survive the next vote was fantastic, Dale ultimately fell victim to the vote right after his daughter.  In our interview with Dale, he dished his unfiltered thoughts on Missy and Baylor, reacted to Nadiya calling him a “loser” in her exit interviews and explained why he considered quitting the game for Kelley.

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Political Quack Attack: Phil Robertson Stars In Zach Dasher Ads

October 30, 2014 02:00:46 by Stephanie Gustafson


It is by no means uncommon for reality stars to attempt to insert themselves into the world of politics. Josh Duggar has accomplished just that, as he now lives and works in Washington, D.C.  Zach Dasher is the latest reality television family member to take this route. He is currently running for Congress — with the full support of Phil Robertson!

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Jacqueline Laurita Offers Wise Words Of Advice For Parents Of Autistic Kids

October 30, 2014 01:44:35 by Stephanie Gustafson


When she’s not fighting with Dina Manzo on The Real Housewives Of New Jersey and bashing her fellow reality stars on Twitter, Jacqueline Laurita keeps herself busy by campaigning for autism awareness. The other day, the celeb offered advice for other parents struggling to care for their disabled kids.

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Kate Gosselin Attempted To Avoid Evicted Ex At Awkward Yard Sale Reunion

October 30, 2014 12:00:18 by Stephanie Gustafson

Kate Gosselin on The Marilyn Denis Show

Kate Gosselin hoped to clear out her recently revamped home during last week’s yard sale, but she certainly wasn’t anticipating a reunion with the down-and-out Jon Gosselin. Unfortunately, instead of focusing on the event, the Kate Plus 8 star was forced to deal with her annoying ex. She tried to keep her distance, but based on the pictures currently circulating on Facebook, this effort was an abysmal failure.

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Kim Kardashian Hints At Possible Pregnancy

October 30, 2014 10:00:25 by Stephanie Gustafson


Does Kim Kardashian once again have a bun in the oven? The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has made her desire for a second child pretty clear, but until recently, Facebook fans didn’t think this baby was on the way quite yet. This may change, as a huge revelation occurred during a recent interview with Pixiwoo, with Kim hinting at another pregnancy.

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Brandi Glanville Regrets Her Excessive Botox

October 30, 2014 08:00:06 by Stephanie Gustafson


She denies having had plastic surgery to the crazy extent Facebook fans imagine she’s obtained, but Brandi Glanville is willing to admit that, at times, she has gone a little overboard with Botox. Does that mean the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star is ready to give up the needle for good? Not likely!

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Mama June Finally Speaks Out About Her Family’s Troubles

October 30, 2014 06:00:18 by Megan Thompson


It’s been a rough week for the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo family.  Their TLC show was dropped like a hot potato the minute allegations surfaced that Mama June was hanging out with a convicted child molester.  Now June Shannon is finally speaking out about what’s important to her.

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Survivor: San Juan Del Sur Recap — Begging For Food

October 29, 2014 05:58:40 by Ryan Haidet


Something happened on tonight’s episode of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur that hasn’t taken place since season two.  Just like in Australia, the Hunahpu tribe was forced to sacrifice their camp — including some of their tools, tarp and pillows — in exchange for extra food.  It was a stiff penalty as a result of their poor rationing, but Hunahpu didn’t hesitate at all.  ”There has never been a tribe in the history of Survivor that has needed as much help as you guys have and only 14 days in,” Jeff Probst told the tribe before they tore camp down.  That moment was just a morsel of the gooey goodness dished out.  See what else went down and who was voted off inside this recap…

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Juan Pablo Responds To Breakup Rumors With A Happy Birthday Message For Nikki Ferrell

October 29, 2014 04:00:45 by Stephanie Gustafson


Recent updates to Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell’s Twitter accounts indicate that they are no longer an item. However, some fans suggest that this is yet another example of the public reading too much into a couple of simple social media updates. After all, the former Bachelor star seemed very affectionate in a recent message aimed at his favorite gal.

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