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Reality TV Magazine Announces Winners for Top Ten Best Reality TV Moments of 2004.

January 15, 2005 03:49 PM by Joe Blackmon

Toptenrealitytvmoments Reality TV Magazine has announced their winners for Top Ten Best Reality TV Moments of 2004. The winners were selected by the editors of Reality TV Magazine based on their research and opinions on the best reality TV moments of 2004.

1. Omarosa lies to Kwame on The Apprentice. – Omarosa was already well on her way to becoming the most famous reality TV villainess ever, when she told the lie heard around the reality TV world and helped end any chance Kwame had of winning The Apprentice.

2. William Hung sings his heart out on American Idol 3. – The Hong Kong Ricky Martin in an awful but energizing performance proved that sometimes reality TV losers are often the biggest winners. Does anyone even remember who won American Idol 3?

3. Rupert wins a million in Survivor viewer vote. – After watching the most popular Survivor ever come up ever so short in back-to-back Survivor seasons, NBC put a million dollar prize in the hands of the viewers. It was no surprise to anyone that Rupert won, but it sure was sweet to watch.

4. Boston Rob proposes to Amber on Survivor finale. – Survivor: All-Stars could just as easily have been called The Robfather: A Love Story. Everyone would have been disappointed if the whole thing hadn’t ended with a proposal.

5. Paris falls off a horse on The Simple Life 2. – Paris Hilton ruled the entertainment world this year, and certainly provided many memorable moments (both on and off her show), but none perhaps so captivating as watching this multi-million dollar heiress tumble helplessly from an out-of-control horse.

6. Drew evicts his girlfriend Diane on Big Brother 5. – CBS had plenty of surprises planned for Big Brother 5 including a brother/sister reunion and mystery twins, but the biggest surprise was the one that wasn’t planned. After romancing Diane for most of the game, Drew evicts his girlfriend and takes his friend Cowboy to the finale. Ouch, even Boston Rob couldn’t be so cold.

7. Charla carries the beef on The Amazing Race 5. – Charla proved that the site of a dwarf running with a 55 pound slab of beef hoisted on her back isn’t the punchline to a joke but can be inspirational. Charla proved to be one of the toughest competitors to ever run the Amazing Race.

8. Sue Hawk quits Survivor: All-Stars. – The most famous speech in reality TV history is Sue’s classic “If You Were Dying of Thirst” speech from the first Survivor, and Sue delivered another winner with her “I Was Sexually Violated” speech as she quit Survivor: All Stars.

9. Flavor Flav hooks up with Brigitte Nielsen on the Surreal Life. – Watching a Public Enemy and Rocky’s ex-wife frolic in a pool is sort of like looking at a car wreck on the side of the road. Something tells you that you shouldn’t look, but you just can’t turn away. The Surreal Life 3 provided the most unusual romance in reality TV history.    

10. Ivana strips on The Apprentice 2. – After becoming infuriated over watching Jennifer and Sandy use sex appeal to sell candy bars for $5, Ivana does them one better and offers to strip to her bikini bottom to sell her bars for $20.

Honarable mention: Sam Solovey takes a nap, Jon Peter Lewis dances, Stacie J. shakes the eightball, Anna Kournikova hits balls at Raj in his underwear, and Boston Rob betrays Lex.

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