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Ray Krone on Extreme Makeover

February 10, 2005 01:06 AM by Joe Blackmon

Raykrone “Episode 313 & 314″ – “Extreme Makeover” grants a second lease on life to lucky individuals by offering the makeover of their dreams: Ray Krone of Dover, PA, former death row inmate known as “the snaggle tooth killer” who was wrongly accused of murder — on “Extreme Makeover,” THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10 (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

Ray Krone was living a happy life as an Air Force veteran and mailman in Arizona when, out of nowhere, his life took an ugly turn. At the age of 37, he was wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death for a murder he did not commit. He was forced to spend ten years in prison, two of which were on death row. Even though Ray was innocent and had an alibi, he was arrested for the murder of a woman who happened to be at the same bar he frequented. Ray felt confident during his trial that the jury would find him innocent. But he was wrongfully convicted, and was labeled “the snaggle tooth killer” because his teeth appeared to match the bite marks on the victim’s body. While Ray was in jail, he never gave up hope and studied law while his family kept appealing the conviction. After 10 long years, re-examination of the DNA evidence unequivocally proved Ray’s innocence which made him the 100th person exonerated for a murder conviction. Since his release, Ray has become a motivational public speaker and travels the country to educate people about his experiences. After being robbed of 10 years of his life, he is extremely unhappy with his appearance, as he has aged immensely with the stress and pain of the last decade. See Ray’s incredible journey as “Extreme Makeover” attempts to decriminalize his looks to remove once and for all the pain he feels when he looks into the mirror and sees “the snaggle tooth killer.”

Ray’s procedures included rhinoplasty, brow lift, upper and lower eyelid lift, liposuction of chin, laser resurfacing, acne scar excision, hair transplant, hair restoration, LASIK eye surgery, Fotofacial, polaris treatment, sonopeel, sonofacial, oxygen facial, Smoothbeam laser, filler to acne scars and nasal labial folds, muscle relaxer to forehead, four extractions, four permanent implants, 17 da Vinci porcelain crowns and veneers, and Zoom whitening.

Ray’s “Extreme Team” included:

Dr. Anthony Griffin, a prominent board-certified plastic surgeon, considered one of the foremost authorities on plastic surgery for African-Americans and ethnic skin type.

Dentist Dr. William Dorfman, one of the pioneers of tooth whitening. Celebrity clientele includes Matthew Perry, Usher, Ali Landry, Brooke Burke and Melissa Joan Hart

Periodontist Jeffrey Ganeles, creator of TeethToday

Dr. Robert Maloney, considered one of the 10 best LASIK surgeons in the world, who has performed LASIK surgery on such celebrities as Cindy Crawford and Barry Manilow

Dermatologist Ava T. Shamban, owner and director of the Laser Institute for Dermatology in Santa Monica

Dermatologist Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr., developer of the FotoFacial, FotoLift and SmoothLift procedures

Hair transplant by Craig L. Ziering, D.O.

Wardrobe stylist Sam Saboura , who has served as celebrity fashion stylist for Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Sarah Jessica Parker, MTV’s “Movie House” and the Osbournes

Master body sculptor and rapid weight-loss expert Michael Thurmond, who trains various red-carpet celebrities

Hairstylist/Restorationist Piny Benzaken

Colorist Kim Vo of B2V Salon

As per Michael Thurmond’s customized diet regimens, gourmet custom meals are provided by Sally Ann Catering

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6 Responses to “Ray Krone on Extreme Makeover”

  1. ann ferrin Says:
    June 6th, 2005 at 3:09 pm

    How can i contact Ray? I was his next door neighbor here in Phx. in 1985. Oddly enough i am now the neighbor of Katie’s daughter (1 of the gobble sisters). The New Times recently had a front page article about him. If possible i would like a mailing address, P.O. box. Thanks Ann Ferrin

  2. William Adams Says:
    February 21st, 2006 at 4:11 am

    Can anyone put me in touch with Ray,..With a postal or e-mail address? Back in the mid-seventies we worked at the same business in Tempe: It was a turquoise jewelry manufacturing operation.(super funky,..with major health and safety violations). He helped grind and polish the stones, I was the contracted security guard. Anyway, love to talk with him sometime. He always seemed like a pretty cool guy to me, tooling to and from work on his motorcycle. Peace Brother. William, WLL9Ada@aol.com

  3. Emma Says:
    March 3rd, 2006 at 4:48 am

    everytime i read something about this man it brings me to tears. after what happened to him, he’s not bitter or angry, he’s just living like nothing happened. this just sums up the world we live in how you can be accused of something so serious when you have nothing to do with it. there’s no way he can get those years back, but i’m so happy he’s finally out. his family should be and i bet are so proud of him. they all stood behind him all those years, i am only 18 and that would have been over half my life. i admire this man, because he’s allowed me to see that life can be cut short without you even doing anything. the death of my father when i was 16 changed my life, and left me feeling nothing was worth fighting for but this man has changed me. i could never thank him enough. i wish i could meet and let him know how amazing he is.

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  5. Grace Says:
    February 8th, 2007 at 2:51 pm

    Mr. Krone came and spoke at my high school a couple years ago. I was wondering if there was any contact information I could have so that I could get in contact with him again so he could come to a couple Universities in Boston to share his story!


  6. piper samford Says:
    August 30th, 2007 at 1:23 pm

    does anyone know if a dr. stewart schlossberg worked on any of the extreme makeover eposodes


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