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Dewberry Breaks Down on Hell’s Kitchen

June 06, 2005 10:27 PM by Joe Blackmon

Dewberry_criesThe second episode of Hell’s Kitchen proves that working in a kitchen can be just as grueling as being stranded on an island without food, water, or shelter.  Hell’s Kitchen is like Survivor with Simon Cowell hosting (and maybe with a dash of Fear Factor and The Apprentice thrown in for good measure).

Chef Gordon Ramsay gives his contestants an early morning wakeup with the delightful sound of banging pots and pans.  Pity poor Chris who takes time to brush his teeth and arrives seven minutes behind his team.  Chef Ramsay gives Chris a good verbal lashing and calls him a “lazy *bleep*.” 

The first challenge for the two teams is preparing squid.  The red team wins and is treated to a fine dinner prepared by Chef Ramsay.  The blue team loses and is forced to spend their evening preparing squid.  As an added bonus penalty for losing, Chef Ramsay turns off the air conditioning in the blue team’s kitchen. 

The second night that Hell’s Kitchen attempts to serve customers proves to be just as catastrophic as the first night.  Dewberry becomes so flustered that he breaks down and almost quits.  While Jeff doubles over several times in pain, which he claims is caused by kidney stones. 

The customers interacting with Chef Ramsay provide some of the most hilarious moments of Hell’s Kitchen.  After waiting for hours, one customer tells Chef Ramsay that his apology doesn’t do much for him.  Chef Ramsay’s reply to the customer, “You do nothing for me either.”  And that’s just the part that isn’t bleeped out.  We predict that if Hell’s Kitchen makes it to DVD that there will be an edited and unedited version.  Some customers become so fed up with waiting that they order a pizza.  One customer even gets in a debate with the Maitre D’ over his education and winds up shoving the Maitre D’.

At the end of the night, Chef Ramsay declares the red team the losers, and appoints Chris to nominate two team members for elimination.  Chris selects Dewberry because “he lets himself get so upset about things” and Jeff because “he lets his own head get in the way.”  When Chef Ramsay fires someone, there are no consoling moments or positive reinforcements like you might see from Donald Trumps.  No, Chef Ramsay fires Dewberry and backs it up with calling him “a coward” and reinforcing that Dewberry turned his back on his team after he screwed them.  With Chef Ramsay, there is no cab ride home, but the quick finality of the eliminated contestant’s jacket ripping through a hook on the wall. 

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    Hell’s Kitchen Burns Hot!

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