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Unrequited Love, Near Drowning, and Severed Tendons on The Real Gilligan’s Island

June 08, 2005 11:25 PM by Joe Blackmon

Ginger_cut_fingerSurvivor has nothing on the Real Gilligan’s Island.  Sure Survivor had Michael Skupin fall into a fire, John Carroll pricked by a sea urchin, and Richard Hatch bitten by a shark, but the Real Gilligan’s Island serves up severed tendons, a near drowning, and a bizarre love triangle in its premiere episode. 

Ginger Angie Everhart is the first castaway to exit the island as she slices through two tendons in her finger with a knife.  Plenty of bloody gruesome shots are shown as she waits for the medic helicopter to whisk her away.  While the movie star might have nearly lost a finger, the professor soon tops it by nearly losing his life.  During a boat bailing challenge, Professor Tiy-e dives into the water and sinks like a rock.  Host Scott Lasky has to dive off a cliff and swim over to save Professor Tiy-e.  Interestingly enough, Mary Ann Randi Silvers who had bragged previously about being a lifeguard fails to rush in to save Professor Tiy-e, because as she later explains she is only trained to rescue people drowning in “shallow water.”

Perhaps the most frightening trouble brewing on the island though is Gilligan Zac’s unrequited love for Mary Ann Mandy, who only has eyes for Professor Andy.  Gilligan Zac makes a hat for Mary Ann Mandy and plans to take her on a romantic beach picnic.   However, Mary Ann Mandy takes a shower with, shares a bed with, and lays in the sand with Professor Andy.  All the while as Gilligan Zac jealously stares at them like a scene out of Fatal Attraction. 

Besides Ginger Angie Everhart who is forced to leave because of her injuries, two other contestants are also eliminated in the premiere episode.  Skipper Ken from the orange team is eliminated in a boat bailing challenge, and Millionaire Howard Schur is eliminated in a golfing challenge.

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