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The Lasagna Conspiracy on Hell’s Kitchen

June 28, 2005 11:02 AM by Joe Blackmon

Hellskitchen_chris_1It was not a good night for executive chef Chris on Hell’s Kitchen.  Things started off OK for Chris as Chef Gordon Ramsay asked Ralph and Chris to identify the strongest and weakest links on their respective teams.  Ralph identified himself as the strongest link and Andrew as the weakest link on the blue team.  Chris identified himself as the strongest link and Jimmy as the weakest link on the red team.  Things started to go down hill for Chris when Chef Ramsay draped Chris in pasta and told him to sit out the pasta making challenge.

With Chris sitting out, the red team won the pasta making challenge.  Their reward was they were treated to an Italian theme night away from the restaurant.  Meanwhile, the blue team was left to prepare even more pasta back at the restaurant.  Chris thinks he has a friend in Michael, who tells him that he hopes that they are the last two in the game.  But actually, it turns out Michael is only looking out for himself and playing the game to win.

In the elimination competition, each team gets a turn cooking and each team gets a turn serving.  Michael engineers a Lasagna conspiracy to sabotage the opposing blue team.  He convinces several customers to order Lasagna because he knows it will put the blue team behind in preparing their entrees.  His Lasagna conspiracy plan seems to work because the red team winds up serving more customers than the blue team.  However, Chef Ramsay says that the blue team got better customer reviews on the food that they did actually prepare, and Chef Ramsay declares the red team the losers. 

Chef Ramsay appoints Michael to nominate two people from his team.  In a strategic move, Michael nominates Elsie and Chris instead of Jimmy, who seemed to be a sure bet to be eliminated by Chef Ramsay.  In a surprise move, Chef Ramsay eliminates Chris.  Chef Ramsay says he felt Chris constantly talked about how good he was without delivering the goods. 

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One Response to “The Lasagna Conspiracy on Hell’s Kitchen”

  1. pomptonqueen Says:
    June 28th, 2005 at 10:10 am

    This was the first ouster that I didn’t agree with at all. Chris was always competent on his station and a great team player. I was pretty mad at Mike since he leaves himself with a much weaker team. I guess it was strategic since it got rid of strong competition, but it still sucked.


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