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President Bush Delays Premiere of Average Joe 4

June 29, 2005 12:27 AM by Joe Blackmon

Average_joe_4_danteThe Average Joes just can’t get any respect.  Not only have the Average Joes lost out in all previous editions of Average Joe, but the premiere episode of Average Joe 4 wound up getting delayed by a President Bush press conference.  The premiere of Average Joe 4 was pushed back two hours and aired after “I Want to Be A Hilton” that immediately followed the Presidential press conference. 

The premiere episode also saw ten of the twenty-two Average Joes eliminated.  Four Average Joes got eliminated by previous Average Joe contestants before even getting a chance to meet Anna Chudoba.  Unfortunately, one of the eliminated contestants was John Shaw, a side-show freak who claimed he could suck popcorn kernels up his nose and shoot them out his eye sockets.  We would have loved to see him do that trick on a date with Anna.

The eighteen Average Joes that made it through only got a couple minutes to visit with Anna before she eliminated six more Average Joes.  Anna gave Aaron Feldon, Harold “Solid” Gold, Damian Muziana, Bill Parks, Matt Hoffman, and Nick Parlin the boot.  However, in an interesting twist, one of the eliminated Average Joes is given a second chance makeover. 

Nick Parlin, who felt that the way to a girl’s heart was through magic tricks, is given the initial second chance makeover that involves cosmetic surgery, dental work, and training from a life coach.  The life coach wisely tells Nick to stop talking so much about magic tricks.

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