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Hazing on Average Joe 4

July 05, 2005 11:01 PM by Joe Blackmon

Dante_hazedThe Average Joes are like a fraternity, complete with their own hazing rituals.  In the premiere episode, Average Joes from seasons past returned to put the new Average Joes through an audition process for the opportunity to continue in the game and meet Anna.  On the Tuesday, July 5, 2005 episode, Dante woke all the other Average Joes up at 6 A.M. by banging pots and pans together.  Retribution was swift and quick as the other Average Joes waited until Dante went to sleep and duct-taped him to his bed.

Average Joe 4: The Average Joes Strike Back is a fun reality TV show.  It doesn’t have the back-stabbing of Survivor or the highly competitive nature of Amazing Race, but it is entertaining and often laugh-out-loud funny.  NBC doesn’t hold back and goes over the top in craziness in this edition of the Average Joes.  From hunks racing across the desert in red Ferraris to a stare-down between the Average Joes and the hunks, while fireworks go off in the background, Average Joe 4 doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Sea_smileThe Tuesday, July 5 episode saw five Average Joes leave the show.  The first to leave was Chuck Ardezzine.  Chuck left under his own free will for personal matters.  In addition to Chuck leaving, Anna Chudoba eliminated four of the Average Joes.  Anna sends Igor Zhitovosky, Dan Boncel, Joshua Smith, and Aaron Clauset packing.  Joshua Smith is selected for the makeover, which will earn him the right to return later in the show.  Plus, even though Aaron Clauset didn’t win Anna’s heart, he did seem to catch the eye of a sea lion on the show.

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