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Big Brother 6 Nominations Leave Ashlea Evans in Tears

July 07, 2005 09:50 PM by Joe Blackmon

Ashlea_criesCBS has dubbed Big Brother 6 with the theme of “Summer of Secrets” (even though a more appropriate title would have been “Summer of Models”).  The premiere episode gave many hints but provided few answers.  The biggest secret that has been revealed is that each houseguest is working with a partner.  Conversations between the houseguests seemed to give away two of the partner teams, but most of the partner teams still remain a mystery.  Micheal Donnellan and Kaysar Ridha appear to be partners and so do Howie Gordon and Rachel Plencner.

The fourteen houseguests initially enter the house in groups of four or five.  The first groups in get all the beds and three of the last group wind up in sleeping bags.  The fourteen houseguests are then asked to divide into two teams of seven, change into swimsuits, and head out to the backyard.  The orange team consists of April Lewis, Maggie Ausburn, Howie Gordon, James Rhine, Janelle Pierzina, Sarah Hrejsa, and Rachel Plencner, while the blue team consists of Ivette Corredero, Kaysar Ridha, Micheal Donnellan, Beau Beasley, Jennifer Vasquez, Ashlea Evans, and Eric Littmann

The first challenge involves balancing on a surfboard and throwing coconuts into the mouth of a Big Kahuna.  Howie Gordon proves to be quite adept with a coconut and leads the orange team to a dominating victory over the blue team.  Howie sinks all 23 of his team’s baskets, while the blue team attempts to alternate shooting and sinks only 7 baskets.  The losing blue team will be forced to endure a diet of only peanut butter and jelly for the next seven days, while the orange team will not only get to eat regular food but also wins the right to compete among themselves for head of household.

The head of household challenge involves seeing who can stand on a surfboard in the pool the longest.  The orange team quickly forms an alliance and agrees that no one on the team will be put up for nomination regardless of who takes head of household.  Orange team members step down one-by-one until just Howie Gordon and Rachel Plencner are left.  After a brief but revealing conversation, Howie jumps off saying he has to take a leak, and Rachel takes the first head of household competition.

The head of household room turns out to have its own bathroom and shower.  Rachel seeks the advice of her other houseguests on who to nominate.  James Rhine tries to convince Rachel that Jennifer Vasquez needs to go, but Rachel actually winds up nominating Ashlea Evans and Kaysar Ridha.  Ashlea breaks down into tears after her nomination.  Previews of upcoming episodes show that Rachel will discover another secret of Big Brother 6, which is a hidden room.

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