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Jimmy Says Goodbye To Hell’s Kitchen

July 11, 2005 11:40 PM by Joe Blackmon

Jimmy_hellskitchenTwo back-to-back episodes of Hell’s Kitchen provided for a double dose of Chef Gordon Ramsay.  In the first episode, the teams were blindfolded and asked to identify food based on taste alone.  The red team wins the challenge and is treated to a wine tasting with Chef Ramsay, while the blue team is forced to stay behind and clean pots and pans. 

For the dinner service in Hell’s Kitchen, each team is given the task of creating their own menu.  The blue team actually succeeds in creating the more appetizing menu and gets more orders, but the blue team also gets more complaints on their food.  Based on the negative customer reviews, Chef Ramsay declares the blue team the losers.  Jessica is asked to nominate one person for elimination, and she nominates Andrew.  Chef Ramsay also calls forward Ralph, but eventually goes with Jessica’s nomination and eliminates Andrew.

During the second episode, the teams are dissolved and everyone competes as an individual.  The first challenge for the cooks is to recreate Chef Ramsay’s Flambe desert.  Jimmy, who has been on the receiving end of many of Chef Ramsay’s insults, winds up winning the Flambe challenge.  Jimmy is allowed to take one person with him on his reward trip, and Jimmy chooses Michael.  The reward turns out to be a helicopter trip and champagne and caviar on a rooftop. 

During the dinner service, Jimmy chooses Elsie to serve tableside, while the remaining cooks work in the kitchen.  Ralph and Michael excel in the kitchen, while Jessica and Jimmy struggle.  Jimmy loses a lobster, and Jessica can’t find the steaks.  Chef Ramsay finally has enough of Jimmy and Jessica’s mistakes and closes the kitchen.  Chef Ramsay asks Ralph to nominate two people for elimination, and Ralph nominates Jimmy and Jessica.  Chef Ramsay eliminates Jimmy, but for one of the first times shows compassion and tells Jimmy that he should be proud of how far he came in the game.

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