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Ashlea Evans Evicted from Big Brother 6

July 14, 2005 09:20 PM by Joe Blackmon

Kaysar_ashleaThe Thursday, July 14, 2005 episode of Big Brother 6 revealed the secret partners in the house and also held the first live houseguest eviction of the season.  From the recaps shown on the show, it initially appeared as if Kaysar Ridha might be in danger of elimination.  When other houseguests started buzzing about Michael Donnellan getting too close to Jennifer Vasquez, Kaysar asked Eric Littmann if he should say something to Michael.  Eric told Kaysar not to say anything, but Kaysar went and tipped Michael off that he needed to cool it down in front of the other houseguests.  Michael then went to talk to Eric, and Eric put two-and-two together and became upset that Kaysar blindsided him.

CBS showed Janelle Pierzina and James Rhine both voting to evict Kaysar and only showed Michael voting to evict Ashlea Evans.  However, when Julie Chen read out the votes it was 9 to2 in favor of evicting Ashlea.  After Ashlea left the house, Julie revealed to Ashlea some of the twists in the game, including that all the houseguests had secret partners.  Julie also hinted that there were secrets in the game, and Ashlea joked that maybe she would get a chance to go back in the house.

The head of household competition was called “fast & easy.”  Houseguests had to answer true-false questions about the Big Brother house.  Anyone with a wrong answer got eliminated from the competition.  If everyone got the question right, then the houseguest who was slowest to answer was eliminated.  Eric beats out Janelle to win the head of household competition.

Julie Chen also revealed the secret partners and their relationships to the viewers.  Many of the houseguests have figured out that there are other secret partners in the house, but no one has come out and admitted to it yet to other houseguests.  The secret partners are friends and former co-workers Beau & Ivette, friends Kaysar & Michael, friends Maggie & Eric, dating James & Sarah, sorority sisters April & Jennifer, friends Rachel & Howie, and friends and ex-roommates Janelle & Ashlea.

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