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Pauly Shore Can Keep His Dollar

July 17, 2005 11:23 PM by Joe Blackmon

TBS launched a grass-roots marketing campaign like no other in promoting Pauly Shore’s new reality TV show “Minding the Store.”  First, TBS put out a press release that Pauly Shore would offer a money-back guarantee to anyone who failed to laugh while watching “Minding the Store.”  How much money?  Well, only a dollar, and it is also caps out at the first 250,000 to respond. 

At most Pauly would only be out a quarter of a million dollars for something that probably got him several millions of dollars in free press.  After the money-back guarantee, TBS bought advertising on various websites and blogs promoting a special Pauly Shore podcast.

Because we could use an extra dollar (and because we watch virtually all reality TV shows), Reality TV Magazine decided to check the show out.  We went into the show determined not to laugh and already thinking about the many things we would buy with our dollar.  The premise of the show is simple: comedian Pauly Shore is trying to breath new life into his family’s business, The Comedy Store. 

In the premiere episode, we did pretty well for the first ten minutes.  There was a little bit about some of the lame theme nights not drawing in crowds to The Comedy Store.  Pauly introduced his sidekick Marlon and came up with the idea to have a “Hot Girls of The Comedy Store” theme night. 

However, we finally had to give up a laugh while the hot girls (and some not so hot girls) were auditioning.  Pauly’s comedian friend Brian laid down some classic one-liners, immediately eliminating any girls that did not meet the definition of hot.

After the audition process, the show had some funny segments involving some of Pauly’s comedian friends trying to teach the hot girls comedy.  The actual stand-up routines by the girls were not that funny, but some were ok.  All in all it was a fairly enjoyable new show. 

The second episode dealt with Pauly going on the road and performing in Austin with his father.  The premise of the episode was that Pauly has a contract with himself not to have casual sex while he was on the road.  A task not made any easier by Pauly’s father who seems to share Pauly’s love of women.  A subplot of the show involved Pauly asking some of his staff to work on lining up food to serve in The Comedy Store.

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One Response to “Pauly Shore Can Keep His Dollar”

  1. Not Hot? Says:
    July 19th, 2005 at 4:35 pm

    Sure, let’s laugh at the “not hot” girls. That’s incredibly funny.


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