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Average Joe 4 – Does Arthur Apicella Have A Chance?

July 20, 2005 12:27 AM by Joe Blackmon

Carson_refFor the second week in a row, Chris Carson had to be restrained after a heated argument.  This time the argument wasn’t with an Average Joe, but with a referee scoring a roller derby competition between the hunks and the Average Joes.  The referee awarded the Average Joes with three penalty points because of Carson’s unsportsmanlike conduct which gave the Average Joes the victory in the competition.

However, Anna decides that she wants to get to know the real Carson and selects him for a one-on-one date.  During a wine-tasting date, Carson decides that he was wrong about Anna and apologizes for questioning her motives for being on the show.  Josh Nachlas is selected for the second one-on-one date.  Josh and Anna enjoy a romantic boat trip. 

The big surprise of the episode is that Anna dresses up like a cocktail waitress to spy on the hunks and the Average Joes while they enjoy a boy’s night out at a local bar.  Hunks Carson, Craig, and Brad openly flirt with and even makeout with some models that are sent in to tempt the contestants.  Anna breaks down in tears over the hunks lack of loyalty.  Anna is especially upset because Brad is someone that she had planned to take further in the competition.

Anna eliminates Craig, Chris, Brad, Clay, Nathan, and Gino.  The final four that will accompany Anna on a trip to Tahiti are hunks Josh and Rocky and Average Joe’s Josh and Arthur.  Arthur Apicella has become the sentimental favorite, even winning the endorsement of bad-boy hunk Chris Carson.  As Carson points out, Arthur is one of the last true hopeless romantics.  But given an Average Joe has never won the girl in previous seasons, does Arthur stand a chance at winning Anna’s heart?

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