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Hell’s Kitchen Down to the Final Two

July 26, 2005 12:16 AM by Joe Blackmon

Jessica_hellskitchenOn the Monday, July 25, 2005 episode of Hell’s Kitchen, the final three contestants competed to win a trip to the finale.  Michael, Ralph, and Jessica celebrated their success so far by indulging in a little champagne drinking.  Jessica gets a little loopy and falls out of a hammock. 

Chef Ramsay throws a twist into the show by waking the contestants up at 4 A.M. and telling them there is an emergency and that they are going to have to prepare bread for the upcoming dinner service.  Jessica is still feeling the affects of the champagne so she goes back to sleep while Michael and Ralph do most of the work in preparing the bread.

After the bread preparation is complete, the contestants are able to grab only a couple of hours of sleep before they are awakened for another challenge.  The challenge is to prepare the best soufflÃ.  Ralph wins the challenge and earns the right to have first choice of what he will prepare for the upcoming dinner service in the restaurant.  Ralph chooses beef, while Michael chooses Tuna, and Jessica is left with chicken.

For the first time ever, the three contestants manage to complete serving a fully booked dining room without Chef Ramsay shutting down the kitchen.  As a twist, the contestant’s families are guests in the dining room.  Each family is asked to select their favorite dish.  Michael’s tuna gets five votes, Ralph’s filet mignon gets three votes, while Jessica’s chicken only gets one vote.  Chef Ramsay tells Jessica that deep down inside she must know that she isn’t as strong as Michael and Ralph.  Chef Ramsay sends Jessica packing but praises her on being a touch competitor.  Next week, the final showdown between Ralph and Michael will take place.

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