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Big Brother 6 – Bidding Adieu To The Captain

July 28, 2005 11:01 PM by Joe Blackmon

Eric_leavingAfter some brilliant strategy by Kaysar Ridha, it was time for Eric Littmann also known as The Captain to say goodbye.  CBS did their best to build up some drama hinting that the houseguests might eliminate Maggie Ausburn instead because they believed her to be the smarter player, but it was obvious that Eric would be leaving the house during the live eviction ceremony.

Of course, the members of the opposing alliance wished Eric well before voting for him.  Howie Gordon said of Eric, “The guy just had a ludicrous matter of ruling around here.  A dictatorship.  Who wants to listen to this guy?  Lights out, lunch time, dinner time, do the dishes now.  You know what, kiss my butt, pal.”  While James Rhine offered up this evaluation of Eric, “He’s a cult leader, you know, where these people are just giving up their lives to follow him blindly.”

The final vote came down to five to four to eliminate Eric from the house.  The celebration of Kaysar’s alliance though was short-lived.  The head of household competition was called power-roller and involved rolling a ball down a lane to get as close to possible to a hole without going in.  Maggie Ausburn won the head of household competition, which means that two members of Kaysar’s alliance will almost definitely be going up for nomination. 

At the end of the show, Julie Chen proved that she was even more clueless than recently eliminated Eric.  Even though it has already been shown earlier in the show that the houseguests had all admitted to each other that they had secret partners, Julie Chen “officially” announced to the houseguests that every one entered the house with a secret partner.  The houseguests then all mocked her by faking surprise.  Julie also promised to announce another twist in a week.  Hopefully, the next twist she announces will be a surprise, but it will probably be just that one houseguest will get an opportunity to re-enter the house which is something she hints at after every elimination.

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