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Fox Announces XQUEST, A New Reality Show Based on Life in Space

July 28, 2005 06:24 PM by Joe Blackmon

FOX goes beyond the fourth wall, into the fourth dimension, with the new adventure competition series “XQUEST” (working title), from Imagine Entertainment’s Ron Howard, Brian Grazer and David Nevins; Spectrum MediaWorks’ Jim Banister and Alexander Seropian, executive producer of the innovative, best-selling video game “Halo”; and Emmy Award-winning producers Brady Connell and Jim Jusko of Base Camp Films. The groundbreaking series combines scripted, unscripted and gaming genres to create a revolutionary new program.

Over multiple episodes, two teams of contestants will be pushed past their physical skills, mental acuity, emotional boundaries and the limits of their imaginations as they leave behind the world as we know it. They will literally enter a new realm as they live and work aboard state-of-the-art “biocrafts,” which will provide the experience of space travel. Over the course of a month, the contestants’ perceptions will become reality as they are immersed in every sensorial way possible – sights, sounds, motion and environmental on a 24/7 and 360-degree basis – to take them on a fantastic outer-space mission never before experienced.

XQUEST combines high-tech computer graphics, physical effects and game technologies to allow contestants to experience space travel and compete in challenges over an extended period of time. The ambitious project will require as much as a year of pre-production to create the necessary biocrafts, facilities and programs. The biocrafts’ interiors are designed with technologically advanced functionality complete with living quarters, bathrooms and cooking facilities. The interiors are also rigged with multiple 24-hour cameras and microphones. The contestants will never come into contact with camera crews. In fact, with the exception of limited communication with Mission Control, they will be completely cut off from planet Earth.

While immersed in this environment, the teams will compete on missions, which will take their respective biocrafts to intergalactic locales.  Periodically, the teams will be forced to jettison a crew member, until – at the end of a month of complete immersion – a winner returns to Earth.

XQUEST is created by Jim Banister and Alexander Seropian of Spectrum MediaWorks, who will also serve as executive producers. Brian Grazer, Ron Howard and David Nevins of Imagine Entertainment and Brady Connell and Jim Jusko of Base Camp Films are executive producers.

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6 Responses to “Fox Announces XQUEST, A New Reality Show Based on Life in Space”

  1. alan beiler Says:
    September 21st, 2005 at 1:42 pm

    Amish Reality Show-”Vie Bisht”
    I wanna give you a little bit about my background. I was born in Brooklyn but
    I was adopted by an Amish-Mennonite family when I was very young. Along the way I learned how to speak the Amish language Pennsylvania Dutch. I grew up having alot of Amish friends, which really comes in handy now because they want to help me with my show. Normally, Amish people wouldn’t go on camera but because I have alot of friends and know their language, I have plenty of Amish who will do it. Some freak out so much that I’m this black guy that speaks Dutch, they can’t help but get involved. So here are some of my show ideas.

    1. Interview Amish about current affairs, sports, war, gas prices, etc.
    2. Ask them about secular things for ex.
    -What does drop it like it’s hot mean to you?
    -What does ghetto fab mean to you?
    -Would you put 20″ rims on your buggy?
    (These are just a few of the questions on my list. We interviewed this Amish guy who, when we asked him the ” drop it like it’s hot question”, said, “Does it mean that if you’re holding a piece of hot coal and it’s too hot you drop it?”)
    3. Amish have different bands that play. I’d like to follow the band around and document it. I also want a segment sort of like Making the Band. Have them audition to be in a band.
    4. Have a segment where they freestyle rap. Have them battle eachother also.
    5. English vs. Amish kids. Compare/ contrast their toys, behavior and way of life.
    6. Amish Idol. Have people compete.
    7. Film Amish parties- their night life
    8. Pimp My Buggy- Put spinners on the wheels, install tv’s, install sound systems, put hydraulics, make a drop-top roof.
    9. Hottest Amish rides. Have the bikes, cars, trucks, and suv’s that the young Amish drive. Some of the Amish kids drive Escalades with spinners and so forth.
    10. Follow Amish sports- hockey, baseball, football, donkey-baseball (this is like baseball but instead of running around the bases, you have to ride on a donkey.)
    11. Have celebrities interview the Amish. It would be funny to see Snoop Dogg doing a segment called “Ask the Amish”.
    12. Do a segment where an English family (means non-Amish) would live with an Amish family and adapt to their ways.
    13.Have regular people live in a house and dress amish and obey there rules.
    14.We have reagular people live in a house like amish,no electic no tv ect.They also must drive buggys.Basicly live exactly like amish people. These are just some of my ideas.There are alot of different ideas for each point thank you and i hope to hear from you asap Alan Beiler aljlbeiler@aol.com
    Thank You

  2. michael Says:
    October 2nd, 2005 at 8:17 pm

    ive been waiting for the auditions for xquest, i would be a great contender, im in great shape, healthy, and passionate about space, i have good leadership skills, and i cant wait to try out for the show

  3. Kathleen Says:
    April 9th, 2007 at 10:15 pm

    If you did a reality TV show where kids of today (who just don’t get how hard things can be) had to dress, live and earn their keep like Amish children do, that would be great. They need to learn the value of hard work, the price of lazyness and what respect really means.
    I would have a perfect kid for your show, if you had such a show. She wears brand name clothes, shoes and has to have a cell phone, brand name bag (prada is her latest) and mp3 player on her at all times. Not to mention she thinks Amish are “cute”, she doesn’t truely understand their values. She also has shown me that respect is something kids of today just don’t have.

  4. Ebika Says:
    May 13th, 2007 at 3:37 am

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  5. www.lake-shore.co.uk Says:
    October 11th, 2007 at 10:24 am

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  6. Drew Says:
    March 3rd, 2013 at 10:30 pm

    I farted.


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