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Two Eliminated From The Law Firm

July 28, 2005 11:16 PM by Joe Blackmon

Roy_blackTwelve lawyers break into four teams of three to serve as defense and prosecution in two different cases.  One case involves a lawsuit between neighbors over medical bills for a dog that was mauled by two other dogs.  The other case involves a county coroner who pretends to be a police officer and pulls over a lady for a traffic violation.

While there were some funny moments, mostly provided by a boisterous older gentleman who refers to one of the lawyers as “son”, The Law Firm seemed to move along slowly.  Perhaps the show will improve if more interesting cases are presented in future episodes. 

Attorney Roy Black eliminated two of the contestants.  The first associate dismissed was Kelly, who became flustered and couldn’t handle it when the judge asked questions that interfered with the flow of her presentation.  The second associate dismissed was Jason, who made a critical error during his trial.  The defendant in reference to a three-legged dog says “you can cut all the dogs legs off and he would still be a menace to society”, and Jason moved to strike the statement.  It was a major blunder because it was a statement that his side could have utilized to their advantage.

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