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Rock Star: INXS – Can Jessica Save Herself

August 02, 2005 12:34 AM by Joe Blackmon

The thirty-minute reality slot of Rock Star: INXS contained the typical ingredients that we have come to expect from the inside peek into the rockers’ mansion – stress, stress and more stress.  The show started with a quick recap of the unexpected, double elimination of Daphna and Heather.  From there, it continued to tailspin down into the depths of ambiguity and uncertainty.

The high point for the rockers came when Marty’s sister made a brief cameo appearance.  Again, another bright spot for Marty, another tearful moment for the drama-maiden herself, Suzie.  “I just miss my family,” she cried to Mig who had a friendly hand stretched out across her thigh.

From there, Kirk and Dave introduced vocal coach, Ron Anderson, to the rockers.  It was here that we saw the true vulnerability and self-doubt of the singers in relation to their voices.  Point noted – All these rockers can sing.  We know that.  But, in front of Anderson, we got his opinions on the true possibility of big-time careers for the 10 remaining singers.  In short, Brandon has it going on.  Deanna, on the other hand, is in trouble!

Then the show moved into the always fun, always entertaining ‘song selection’ section. JD continued to show his strategic ways by playing a Jedi mind trick on Suzie.  And, Brandon and Ty duked it out over an acoustic ballad.  The rehearsals showed some serious danger zones for Brandon, Mig and Ty.

Largely missing from the entire show was former controversy-queen Tara Sloane.  In retrospect, I don’t believe the Canadian had one on-air comment to make.

Alternatively, tonight’s episode could have been called the “Can Jessica Save Herself?” episode.  Poor girl.  She’s been in the Bottom Three for two straight weeks.  And, she is now left wondering, “America doesn’t like me, so it doesn’t matter what song I choose.”

Tomorrow night Jessica will perform ‘Blister in the Sun’.  I think Jessica’s sun is about to do more damage than just a simple blister.

Written by Adam Pick.  In addition to being a guest writer for Reality TV Magazine, Adam Pick operates the Rock Star Go Home website, which is an interactive reality tv game for fans of Rock Star: INXS. 

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4 Responses to “Rock Star: INXS – Can Jessica Save Herself”

  1. Bubbles Says:
    August 2nd, 2005 at 12:56 am

    Good article, but please note that is not just America that is voting, so thus perhaps Jessica should be thinking that the world may not like her.

    Surely from what the lads from INXS have seen so far they must have some idea of who their top five contenders are?? My predictions for the top 5 are (in no particular order): Jordis, Ty, MiG, JD and Marty.


  2. brianne Says:
    August 2nd, 2005 at 11:09 pm

    I feel kinda bad for Jessica,but I don’t really think she’s right for this kind of band. I’d actually love to see her find some other Rocker chicks (Heather,Daphna, Suzie and Tara???) and bring back the “Riot Grrl” scene,or something,because I kinda miss that and that would be pretty cool.

    Anyway, I have to agree with the potential Top 5. My picks exactly. My personal order would be JD, then MiG, then Jordis, then Marty, then Ty,I guess. But if ANY of those 5 wins, I’ll be happy. Not that I won’t be if someone else does because I’d like to think that they ALL deserve a chance, but after my recent disappointments with American Idol (I still say Bo and Constantine were robbed:)),it would be nice if my favorite could win something, for ONCE (I’m SO glad I don’t bet:),you know?

  3. brianne Says:
    August 4th, 2005 at 10:10 pm

    Well, Jessica saved herself(this time),but I guess the real question for me is “Can JD save himself?” And I hate to say it because I seem to be one of his only supporters,but to be realistic,I don’t think so. I mean, I actually kinda like the guy; I liked MOST of his performances and I really admire his desire to win, like he’s not just there for lack of something better to do,but he REALLY wants this. But he’s up against some REALLY stiff competition (mainly Jordis and MiG) and after his…uh,comments and the way he kinda butchered “We Are The Champions” (I guess he did kinda kill it:)),it would take nothing short of a miracle to give this guy a chance. And I’m talking either help from MICHAEL himself or a song BIGGER than “WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS”. And unfortunately, spirits can’t pick their own heirs and the ONLY way to top “We Are The Champions” would be to do “Bohemian Rhapsody” or (my personal favorite) “The Show Must Go On” (which would be very suiting), but he already proved he can’t do a Queen song because his voice is too low and he’s not classically trained (He might’ve been able to pull off “We Will Rock You”,though. Too bad he couldn’t dump “We Are The Champions” onto MiG–who would’ve nailed it–and just waited a week to do a big song:( ). I’m sure he could do something from The KING,though,because he was an Elvis impersonator at one time (it shows) and he might actually rock at something like “A Little Less Conversation” (my favorite Elvis tune). But I wonder if even the King could save him???

    I actually really hate to “question my loyalty”,though,because I thought he was the sure winner after his more up-to-date “California Dreamin’” “remix” got him the first Encore, so I don’t really want to turn on him after one shaky performance,especially since it was redeemed because then I’d be a “fair-weathered fan”,or whatever. But considering that I already picked the INXS song I want him to do (Definitely “Mystify”. That song is SO JD and actually reminds me a little of his version of “The Letter”),all i can say is i don’t know.

  4. Bubbles Says:
    August 10th, 2005 at 11:24 pm

    There is an article in a Sydney paper today about a rumour doing the internet/ email rounds that INXS have already picked the winner and they have secretly recorded an album with the band.

    Want to know who the ‘rumoured’winner is?


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