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Interview with Josh Abston from Average Joe 4

August 07, 2005 11:04 PM by Joe Blackmon

Josh_abston_cryingJosh Abston made it to the final five on Average Joe 4: The Average Joes Strike Back.  After traveling to Tahiti and sharing a romantic underwater date with Anna, Josh was eliminated when Anna narrowed it down to the final two.  Because Anna and Josh had such a great time on their date, the elimination seemed to catch an emotional Josh by surprise.  On the Average Joe 4 finale, a “where are they now?” update poked fun at Josh’s reaction and replayed the scene with the caption “Josh has finally stopped crying.” 

Josh was recently kind enough to take some time to answer some questions for Reality TV Magazine about his experiences on the show.  It turns out that Josh still keeps in touch with Anna and several of his fellow contestants.  Josh also recently got the lead in a new country music video.  And of course, Josh updated us on if he has in fact stopped crying over Anna.   

Reality TV Magazine:  What made you decide to audition for Average Joe 4?

Josh Abston:  I never actually auditioned for Average Joe 4.  I was pulled from another NBC affiliate network show.

Reality TV Magazine:  What do you look for in a potential mate/girlfriend?

Josh Abston:  I look for a woman with a sense of adventure and a high level of energy.  Ideally, she would be independent, self-motivated, and goal-oriented.  She should be enhanced by our relationship, but still be self-sufficient.

Reality TV Magazine:  What was your first impression of Anna?

Josh Abston:  Upon meeting Anna, she appeared to be very goal-oriented and seemed willing to work hard to reach her goals.  She had a sweetness about her, and was willing to share multiple aspects of her life.  We were able to communicate easily.

Reality TV Magazine:  How did you get along with the Joes? How did you get along with the other "jocks," as we have come to call them?

Josh Abston:  It was very easy to get along with both the Joes and the Jocks.  I’ve always been in positions where I needed to interact in positive ways with multiple people.  I am able walk into different situations, get a feel for the atmosphere, and then become a positive participant.  This was the case during the filming.

Reality TV Magazine:  What are some of your favorite memories?

Josh Abston:  The filming of the entrance of the Jocks in the red sport cars was awesome!  We were all overly excited.  Each time a new twist or idea was introduced, I felt a surge of excitement.  The trip to Tahiti was a once in a lifetime experience.

Reality TV Magazine:  Discuss your date with Anna in Tahiti.

Josh Abston:  Tahiti is a definite location for romance.  Everything about it from the beaches to the oceans encouraged romantic interludes.  With that being said, the date was romantic and we felt a close connection.

Reality TV Magazine:  Do you have any regrets about your experience on Average Joe? Do you feel that you were portrayed fairly?

Josh Abston:  I have no regrets about my experience.  It was fabulous.  However, so much of the filming was edited, I feel the public would have seen much more of my personality if I had more air time.

Reality TV Magazine:  Where are you now, professionally and personally?

Josh Abston:  Currently, I am back in Las Vegas, an account executive with Meridias Capital Mortgage.  I am also still modeling and looking for opportunities in modeling and acting to enhance that part of my career.  I am a lead in the new Sara Evans video "A Real Fine Place to Start" and number 12 on the CMT countdown.My website, www.joshabston.com, has lots of information regarding contacts.

Reality TV Magazine:  We hear that you’ve been hanging out with Carson in Vegas. Is there a future reality show in the works?

Josh Abston:  Actually, Carson, Anna, Rocky and I hang out whenever we get the opportunity, which happens quite frequently.  As to a future reality show or any other show, I am very open and waiting for a call.

Reality TV Magazine:  Who do you still keep in touch with?

Josh Abston:  In addition to the above participants, through e-mails, I keep in touch with many of the cast members, including many of the Joes and Jocks.

Reality TV Magazine:  You and Anna are both living in Las Vegas. Do you keep in touch?

Josh Abston:  Anna goes back and forth to Los Angeles, but we see each other when we are both in town.  We also e-mail and talk on the telephone.

Reality TV Magazine:  What did you think of the made-over Joes?

Josh Abston:  I think the fact that they had the opportunity to improve their appearances will give them more chances to catch the girl.

Reality TV Magazine:  And last but not least, are you, as NBC put in the where are they now? skit, still crying over Anna’s rejection?

Josh Abston:  No, that’s over and finished.  It was all about being caught up in the moment in a romantic spot.

Reality TV Magazine is your source for Average Joe news.  For other great Average Joe news, please also check out SirLinksALot: Average Joe.

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