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Rock Star: INXS – Is Brooke Burke The New Ryan Seacrest?

August 10, 2005 11:03 PM by Joe Blackmon

Rockstar_bottomthreeRyan Seacrest is known for prancing American Idol contestants up and down from their seats and all across the stage in order to build suspense before an elimination.  During the Wednesday, August 10 Rock Star: INXS elimination episode, Brooke Burke took a page from the “Ryan Seacrest Handbook for Torturing Contestants in a Musical Competition.”

First, Brooke asks Deanna Johnston, Brandon Calhoon, and Jessica Robinson to stand up and tells them that they were initially in the bottom three at the time of sign off for the Tuesday competition show.  Then, Brooke says over the course of the night, the bottom three began to change.  Brook asks Suzie McNeil and J.D. Fortune to stand up and tells them that they were also in the fluctuating bottom three.   

Tim Farriss from INXS then sits all five singers down and recognizes Marty Casey and Ty Taylor for their outstanding performances.  Tim then asks Ty Taylor to do an encore of “No Woman, No Cry.” 

After Ty’s encore, Brooke then stands the five singers that were in the fluctuating bottom three back up.  Brooke lets J.D. and Deanna off the hook and tells them to sit down.  Brooke announces the bottom three as Suzie, Jessica, and Brandon.

As part of singing for their survival, Suzie performs “Bitter Tears,” Brandon Calhoon performs “Don’t Lose Your Head,” and Jessica performs “Disappear.”  Suzie easily has the best performance of the three, while Brandon easily has the worst performance, even forgetting some of the lyrics.  Suzie, who INXS was surprised to see in the bottom three, is quickly let off the hook.  Even though Jessica has become a bottom three regular, INXS also let her off the hook.  INXS eliminates Brandon Calhoon telling him that “to forget the lyrics to one of our songs in front of us wasn’t good.”

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