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Tonya Cooley Faces Medical Problems on Kill Reality

August 15, 2005 11:56 PM by Joe Blackmon

Tonya Cooley is probably best remembered as the girl who struggled through kidney stones on the Real World Chicago.  Her appearance on Kill Reality is proving that she just might be the unluckiest person in the world when it comes to medical problems. 

First, Tonya breaks out in hives because of an allergic reaction to a cat.  Then, Tonya has an apparent reaction to some makeup that leads to chemical conjunctivitis in her eyes.  As if the eye problem itself isn’t enough, Tonya also gets a migraine headache to go along with it.  Poor Josh Souza from Big Brother 1 is stuck carting Tonya back and forth to the hospital for most of the episode.

Just when it looks like Tonya might be on the mend, she does a scene with Reichen where they are covered in green paint.  Tonya half jokingly questions if the paint is toxic, but sure enough, it causes her to break out in hives.  To cap it off, Tonya also winds up breaking out with a case of poison oak. 

Rob Cesternino laughs off most of Tonya’s illnesses, but the poison oak creates serious concern for Rob because it threatens Tonya’s nude scene (which would definitely have been a serious blow to the movie).  Fortunately, Tonya comes up with an idea to shoot the scene in a shower (which allows her nude scene to remain in the movie).

Kill Reality is entertaining as a stand alone show even if viewers are not familiar with the background of the reality TV stars on the show.  However, for viewers who are familiar with the reality TV stars involved, there is an additional element to the show.  From Tonya struggling with medical conditions to Jonny Fairplay pulling various pranks to Reichen talking about how he doesn’t have good gaydar, long time reality TV fans are treated to a number of inside jokes.

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