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Screaming Match on Kill Reality

August 22, 2005 06:01 PM by Joe Blackmon

House trashing. Screaming matches. Invasions of privacy. Potato chip wiffleball. This week’s episode of Kill Reality questions how reality stars are ever going to finish making the film "The Scorned".

Manipulation is the name of this game and everyone from the cast of "Kill Reality" is playing!  Trishelle begins when she seizes the opportunity to tell her BFF, "Survivor’s" Jonny Fairplay just what she thinks about his relationship with Tonya.  "Survivor’s" Jenna Lewis puts Jonny Fairplay at the top of her buddy list and decides to take it upon herself to confront Tonya with regards to the lies and deception she has been rumored to have spread.  By the end, an altercation erupts, leaving two cast members screaming more obscene language than ever before heard on television!

Is Hollywood ready for Trishelle…Or is Trishelle ready for Hollywood? The question arises during the shoot of her first scene on the set of "The Scorned."  Trishelle Canatella from "The Real World: Las Vegas" did a great job being herself in a reality show, however acting in a movie proves to be much more difficult.  Trishelle will soon find if she has the take that will make or break her part in the upcoming movie, "The Scorned."

Let the potato chips fall where they may…Jonny Fairplay and Tonya Cooley from "The Real World: Chicago" have managed to reconstruct their relationship in a not-so-conventional way, while simultaneously destructing the house they live in.  While the pair may have temporarily salvaged their love feud, they are faced with the reality of the mess they have created which could lead to another war between them.

It’s not always a breeze when there are fans around!  The cast of "Kill Reality" shows gratitude towards their fans by supporting a "fan appreciation day."  In a true behind the scenes look into moviemaking, not everyone in the cast is thrilled with the lovefest.

Lights, camera, and lots of action!  Even after dying Trishelle still feels good enough to go out on the town with Jonny Fairplay.  Over a few cocktails more than a few words were exchanged that enticed Jonny and Trishelle to get teary-eyed.  The two headed back home where they disappeared and while their lips are sealed at this point, their true feelings will indeed become revealed.  Kill Reality airs on E! Entertainment on Monday, August 22, 2005 at 10PM.

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