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Kill Reality – A Little Game of Why And Because

September 05, 2005 11:24 PM by Joe Blackmon

Jonny Fairplay and Trish Schneider are polar opposites in the Kill Reality house.  Jonny likes to scream and pull pranks, while Trish is straight-laced and likes her privacy.  More often than not, Trish is the target of Jonny’s pranks.  However, it is Rob Cesternino who winds up pushing Trish over the edge.

In a little game of “Why and Because,” Rob C. writes “Why is Trish the most annoying, elitest, snobby princess, horrible **** on the planet?”  Trish becomes upset by the question, and Rob C. blames it on Jenna Lewis.  However, Trish eventually figures out that Rob C. really wrote the question.  Rob C. apologizes and says “Most women can’t stay mad at me.”  Trish snaps back “I’m not like most women.”

Despite their differences, Rob C. and Trish have to try to work together because Rob C. is a producer on the movie and Trish has one of the most important roles in the movie.  When Trish has trouble getting her lines correct, Bob the Director asks Rob C. to work with Trish. 

Nikki McKibbin from American Idol, Jenna Morasca from Survivor, and Jonny Fairplay decide to trash Trish’s room.  They first decorate her room with porn and yellow police tape, and then they rip the door to her room off and throw it outside.  Rob C. finds out what is going on and realizes he has to put a stop to it in order to keep the peace on the movie set.

Rob C. and Jonny Fairplay get in a screaming match over the prank.  Rob C. tells Jonny that he doesn’t have any right to vandalize the house and threatens to kick Jonny out if he doesn’t put the door back on Trish’s room.  After a screaming match, Jonny Fairplay finally caves in and Trish’s room is de-pranked.  When Trish arrives, she keeps looking for a prank and almost comes across as disappointed when she can’t find one.  Trish goes on to memorize her lines and nails her performance during a re-shoot, but she refuses to make-up with Rob C.  The big teaser for next week is Jonny Fairplay is going to do something so shocking that he actually does wind up getting asked to leave the house.  It’s hard to imagine what could more shocking than anything that Jonny has already done.

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