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Kill Reality – Jonny Fairplay Gets Thrown Out Of The House

September 12, 2005 11:51 PM by Joe Blackmon

Jonny Fairplay finally goes overboard and the producers throw him out of the house.  Jonny’s antics start off innocently enough.  He tries to get a a pizza that his fellow housemates are eating, but Jenna Lewis won’t let Jonny near the pizza because she’s afraid he is going to throw it into the wall.  Jonny finally sneaks by her and grabs the pizza and throws it up in the air. 

The producers come in and talk to everyone about Jonny’s behavior.  Some of the other reality TV stars are afraid that Jonny’s wild behavior could lead to him hurting himself.  Rob Cesternino plays the role of therapist and tries to talk to Jonny.  Jonny tells Rob that he cares more about the film than he cares about himself. 

Many of the reality stars begin to have enough of Jonny’s antics and start firing back.  Steven Hill pushes Jonny into a corner and spanks him.  Jonny gets so drunk at a bar that he gets kicked out, which leads Jenna Lewis to literally pick Jonny up and throws him in a van. Meanwhile, back at the Kill Reality house, Trish Schneider decides it’s finally time to get even with Jonny and tapes every thing he owns to the ceiling.   

At first Jonny doesn’t know that he’s been pranked, but when he finally figures it out, he confronts Trish.  Trish tells Jonny off.  Jonny gets angry and starts breaking things.  Finally, Jonny goes over the edge and takes a **** in Trish’s bed.  Johnny calls Rob Cestinino to tell him what he has done.  The producers come and tell Jonny that he has to leave the house.

Jonny thinks it’s unfair that he is getting thrown out of the house and says he didn’t do anything against his contract.  One of the producers replies “No, we did not think to put in the contract do not **** on another cast member.”  Stephen tells Trish, “you do realize that you’re no longer the bitch from the bachelor, you’re the girl who was **** on.”  To make up for all the **** she has taken, Rob Cesternino gets a card, cake, and balloons for Trish’s birthday.  At the wrap party, all the cast (including Jonny Fairplay) come together and celebrate having completed the movie.

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One Response to “Kill Reality – Jonny Fairplay Gets Thrown Out Of The House”

  1. david Says:
    October 4th, 2007 at 1:59 pm

    Sad!! Sad because of this behavior from Johnny and the one with danny at the award show! this guy will most likely end up with another contract for another show where he will continue to use bad morrals and judgement to become a famous reality tv star. And sad because we will end up watching it just to see how far he will go and he will get richer for doing so.
    No doubt that we are in the days where bad is rewarded and the good are ignored. or bad is good and good is bad. It is truly sad.


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