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Yahoo! & MTVU Launch New Reality-Based Cable/Online Series Called I Miss U

September 25, 2005 12:40 AM by Joe Blackmon

Yahoo! and MTVU have teamed up to present a new reality-based cable and online series entitled, I Miss U (IMU).  This reality-based exploration follows the trials and tribulations of three real college couples who are dealing with being separated as they head back to school. 

The reality series follows them as they use only Yahoo! online communication tools to stay in touch and deal with the reality of being apart.  Visitors to the official IMU Web site can watch up-to-date coverage of each couple’s struggle and vote on which pair they think is staying in touch most successfully.  Every time a vote is cast, each IMU Web site visitor has a chance to win some great free prizes, including:

*  Six Round Trip Airline Tickets Courtesy of Travelocity
*  5MM-8300 camera phones by Sanyo courtesy of Sprint
*  3 Dell Pocket DJs
*  50 one-year memberships to Yahoo! Music Unlimited

Marianna, one of the participants in IMU, answered the following questions about the show.

Reality TV Magazine:  How did you get involved with the Yahoo! IMU reality show?
Marianna:  I was on MTV.com, looking at the casting call page. I saw something about long distant  relationships, and it caught my eye. I just emailed our story in with some pictures, and had phone calls not too long after.

Reality TV Magazine:  How have other people on campus responded?
Marianna:  It has been mixed. Some people are like oh that’s so cool good luck, but a LOT of people are skeptical about long distance relationships. They tell me about how they have been in them before, and that they  just don’t work out. (But I don’t listen to those people)

Reality TV Magazine:  What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far about dating long distance?
Marianna:  I’ve learned to be patient and that we are both busy people, and we have to be considerate of that. Also, you need to make time for each other, don’t get caught up in too many other things.

Reality TV Magazine:  What’s your favorite Yahoo! online tool to keep in touch with your sweetie?
Marianna:  Yahoo! Messenger with Voice. It’s a LOT more convenient than using a cell phone, and I can do homework and type at the same time (and I get to hear his voice!)

Reality TV Magazine:  What’s one piece of advice you’d give to any college couple dating long distance?
Marianna:  Just to be patient, and to have trust. Since you aren’t there all the time, you have to know that a relationship is nothing with out trust, and that you need to be patient because you probably will have busy, opposite schedules.

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