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Survivor Guatemala – Is Stephenie LaGrossa the Unluckiest Survivor Ever?

September 29, 2005 11:28 PM by Joe Blackmon

Stephenie_danniPoor Stephenie LaGrossa just can’t catch a break.  She might be the strongest woman to ever play the game of Survivor, but she keeps winding up on losing teams.  In Survivor Palau, Stephenie LaGrossa was a member of Ulong, the losingest tribe in Survivor history.  Despite performing well personally in challenges, Stephenie’s team just couldn’t seem to catch a break and was wiped out by Koror.

In the beginning of Survivor Guatemala, things were looking up for Stephenie LaGrossa when she got placed in tribe Yaxha with a former NFL quarterback.  Her tribe even won the first immunity challenge, but things quickly headed downhill from there.  Stephenie’s tribe has now lost two consecutive reward challenges and two consecutive immunity challenges. 

On the Thursday, September 29, 2005 episode, the reward challenge involves building an archeologist tent.  The survivors are blindfolded and tied together in groups, while one tribe member serves as the eyes and directs them to gather the parts for the tent.  Tribe Yaxha is the first to gather all the tent parts, but Tribe Nakum winds up passing them by and winning the reward challenge.  Nakum wins pillows, lanterns, fuel, tarps, ropes, and blankets. 

The immunity challenge involves the Mayan sport of court ball, which is kind of like basketball played on trampolines.  The first team to score five points wins.  Amy O’Hara, a member of Yaxha, quickly rolls her ankle (bringing back memories for Stephenie of Ulong tribemate Jeff Wilson injuring his ankle in Surivor Palau).  After eight contests, the two tribes are all tied up.  Then, Stephenie has to face the opposing team with the two least athletic players on her team, Lydia and Brianna.  Her two teammates prove to be completely ineffective, and Nakum wins immunity challenge.

After the loss, Stephenie sighs, “Yeah, here we go again.  I’m on this tribe that doesn’t seem to be too good at winning in the beginning and someone springs their ankle.  It’s horrible.  I’ve already been here.  I’ve already done this.  I can’t do it again.”  Stephenie laments “Why? Why just once can’t I just be on a great tribe?”

Tribe Yaxha which now consists of Stephenie LaGrossa, Gary Hogeboom, Amy O’Hara, Jamie Newton, Lydia Morales, Rafe Judkins, Brianna Varela, and Brian Corridan decides to target one of their least athletic players for elimination.  Upset over Brianna not giving her all in the immunity challenge, Jamie Newton says “I like them crazy and pretty, she’s neither.”  Brianna Varela is voted off Survivor Guatemala.

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3 Responses to “Survivor Guatemala – Is Stephenie LaGrossa the Unluckiest Survivor Ever?”

  1. jma Says:
    November 25th, 2005 at 5:34 pm

    Stephenie makes me ill. Gary was right on with his comments about her at tribal counsel. “Get her autograph later after the show”. I just hope the rest of the clueless (you listening Judd, because someone is the ringing the doorbell) figures it out. How many 2nd chances does someone get? OH MY GOD !!!

  2. Claire Says:
    December 14th, 2005 at 3:19 am

    Stop hurting steph. I don’t understand why all the people keep complain about her. She has done nothing wrong in how she plays. Is it a fault that others are star-struck? She is there to play the game. People keep on picking on her being given the second chance, then blame mark burnett. If she is given the second chance, of course she needs to win this time. As you said who have so much of a second chance? She is just a victim of jealousy and scapegoat of rafe’s strategy. That’s why most jury members didn’t vote for her. I don’t really like danni, she isn’t as good as it shows because of her little air-time. Judd blame more on Steph than Danni, well judd is not easy to be judged whether he’s honest or not so don’t blame steph.

  3. Anonymous Says:
    January 26th, 2006 at 11:53 pm

    I think she played a great game and deserved a second chance. Stephenie is a great player in survivor! I hope everyone can realize that she was playing a hard game and that is why she got a second chance in the game of survivor. Stephenie is not the only one who got a second chance and i don’t see anyone complaining about Bobby Jon. So she has the rights to be in this game twice and do a great job!


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