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Survivor’s Jerri Manthey Says Reality Shows Are For Entertainment Purposes

October 03, 2005 11:26 PM by Joe Blackmon

Jerri_pontiacJerri Manthey is one of the few Survivor castaways to get to play the game twice.  Jerri appeared both on Survivor: The Australian Outback and Survivor: All-Stars.  Jerri also appeared on the very first season of The Surreal Life, back when it aired on WB.  During her appearance on Survivor: The Australian Outback, Jerri was labeled as a reality TV villainess.  On the Survivor: All Stars reunion show, Jerri spoke out about how Survivor played with people’s lives.  She was booed by the crowd and wound up leaving the stage.  In an interview with Reality TV Magazine, Jerri talks about how her life is now a roller coaster that includes movie roles, performing in a band, and participating in Pontiac’s Survivor Search in the City.  Jerri also points out that she stands firmly behind everything she said during the reunion show.

Reality TV Magazine:  How have you been keeping busy since Survivor: All Stars?

Jerri Manthey:  My life is a roller coaster filled with excitement and ups and downs.  I’ve been super busy with appearances, travelling and fun adventures.  I have a sci-fi movie coming out on SciFi Channel called Komodo vs. Cobra as well as a short film which will be touring film festivals (the first one being MIFF in Melbourne, Florida in November).

Reality TV Magazine:  Can you tell us a little bit more about your band?

Jerri Manthey:  We are a psychedelic blues band.  We play every Wednesday night at 9pm at Harvelle’s in Santa Monica, CA (1432 N. 4th St. between Santa Monica and Broadway).  I play hand percussion, dance and play with fire (eating it, spinning it, dancing with it).

Reality TV Magazine:  Are there any other reality TV shows in your immediate future?

Jerri Manthey:  Not as far as I know, but you never can tell. I’m very picky about what I do nowadays.  Reality television as a contestant can be a bit tricky to navigate and judge – meaning the intention of the show – is it a show to BETTER people’s lives or to make fun of them? I stand firmly with what I said on the reunion show for the All-Stars: REALITY SHOWS ARE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES…not to be taken seriously….but with respect for those who open themselves up for others to judge. It’s a very brave thing to be on a reality show.

Reality TV Magazine:  Do you keep in touch with anyone from Survivor?

Jerri Manthey:  Quite a few folks actually. Mitchell is still my all-time favorite friend from the show, and I get to see quite a few folks at charity events and such…. It’s hard not to feel a weird sense of comraderie with people who have experienced something as challenging and unique as Survivor.  We are a huge (and growing) incestuous and dysfunctional family!

Reality TV Magazine:  You’re currently involved with Pontiac Survivor Search in the City.  Can you tell us a little bit more about that?

Jerri Manthey:  Pontiac is teaming with Survivor:Guatemala to promote their new affordable, luxury, small SUV…the TORRENT!  It’s an awesome vehicle and I’m driving around in one now.  The promotion entails you either taking a photo of me driving the Torrent and sending it to survivorsearch@cbs.com OR going to my website and downloading the photo (drop and drag it to an email) and sending in that one!  My website address is: www.jerrimanthey.com

Reality TV Magazine is your source for Survivor news.  For other great Survivor Guatemala news, please also check out SirLinksALot: Survivor Guatemala.

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2 Responses to “Survivor’s Jerri Manthey Says Reality Shows Are For Entertainment Purposes”

  1. Heather Says:
    October 4th, 2005 at 8:57 am

    I met her at a charity event in Omaha – she was the nicest one there – she even called my friend’s daughter as a surprise on her cell. Great person! Go Jerri!

  2. Anonymous Says:
    October 4th, 2005 at 12:37 pm

    Hey – Jerri – get off of my TV. Has this woman not “sacrificed herself” enough for my entertainment? I am tired of hearing what the “poor thing” has endured just for my amusement, as if there was absolutely NO BENEFIT to her, as if she didn’t SIGN UP FOR IT in search of fame and fortune in the first place. Then she blames the shows for “messing with peoples’ lives.” Hey, YOU put yourself out there to be judged, and we did’t like what we saw. Yet you continue to invade our space. I’m sure it pays well to the detriment of your character. Now we’re supposed to feel sorry for you in your new Pontiac Torrent? We really do hate you, not as the villianess you played on Survivor, but as the one capitalizing on that title while whining about it. So quit bellyaching and JUST GO HOME.


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