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Ryan Kelly Eliminated From The Biggest Loser

October 04, 2005 11:19 PM by Joe Blackmon

Ryan_biggestloserThe Biggest Loser teams hit the road to Las Vegas.  The trainers teach such skills as eating right when confronted with a buffet and finding ways to workout in a hotel room.  The Biggest Losers also get tempted by a gambling proposition.  They can play a card game for a chance to win up to $5,000, but the cost is that they lose their trainer for the rest of the week.

Two of the men’s team (the blue team) and three of the women’s team (the red team) elect to try for the cash in the card game.  They all win some amount of money in the first round that ranges from $1,000 to $2,500.  In the second round, they can play Hi-Lo for a chance to double their money.  However, if they lose, they lose everything.  The men are conservative and stick with their winnings, while two of the women take the gamble.  The womens’ gamble pays off as they both double their money.

When the trainers hear that some of the contestants gave up their trainers for a chance at money, they are furious.  Trainer Jillian Michaels screams “What were you thinking?” However, the blue team pulls together and works as a team.  Since the card playing members of his team members can’t work with the trainers, Matt on the blue team serves as a trainer for some of his fellow teammates.  Meanwhile, the red team has conflict and struggles to work as a team.

The team challenge involves pulling gold bars from a pool and stacking them on a scale.  The blue team wins the challenge and their prize is a trip as well as they get to choose who on the red team has to sit out at the next weigh-in. 

The blue team selects Jen on the read team to sit out of the weigh-in.  This proves to be a wise move as Jen is the biggest loser on the red team with a weight loss of 10 pounds.  The blue team wins the weigh-in with a total weight loss of 3.73% compared to the red team’s total weight loss of 2.68%.

The red team is very divided and they come up with a tie vote in the elimination vote.  A tie vote gives the blue team the right to decide who goes home on the red team.  The blue team elects to eliminate Ryan on the red team, and they give the main reason for their choice as that she always seems to be a source of conflict on her team.

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