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Amazing Race Family Edition Awards Free Gas For Life

October 11, 2005 11:15 PM by Joe Blackmon

Free_gasThe Amazing Race Family Edition is definitely starting to show more signs of being a watered down version of The Amazing Race.  Watching one of the contestants get run over by a buggy in the premiere episode had our hopes up that this season wouldn’t be too much less challenging than previous seasons, but recent challenges have seemed to turn into almost like a day at Space Camp. 

The teams start out in Washington, D.C. and travel by plane to Charleston, South Carolina.  In South Carolina, the teams face the detour of “Forrest Gump” or “Muddy Waters.”  “Forrest Gump” involves preparing two hundred pounds of shrimp, while “Muddy Waters” involves driving a jeep through the mud.  Both seem like easy tasks, but “Muddy Waters” proves challenging enough that the Weaver family gives up and switches tasks and the Aiello family needs fourteen attempts before they make it through. 

The teams next travel by bus for eight hours to a mystery destination that turns out to be Huntsville, Alabama.  Riding on a bus in the South might not seem like a difficult challenge, but it evidently brought the Weaver family to the point of nearly cracking up.  First the Weaver family cried, and then they sang and danced with joy outside of a Waffle House.

In Alabama, the teams face the roadblock of riding in a centrifuge.  In order to work in a plug for AOL, the teams are sent to computer stations that direct them to run to the pit stop which is the Space Shuttle Pathfinder.  The Bransen family is the first team to arrive at the pit stop, and they receive what just might turn out to be a better prize than the eventual winner of the Amazing Race will receive. The Bransen family is told that all licensed drivers in their family will receive free gasoline for life.  If the price of gasoline keeps rising, then the Bransen family might very well have just won the most valuable prize in reality TV history.  The Aiello family is the last team to arrive, and they are eliminated from the Amazing Race. 

Next week the teams go to Disneyland, where the Weaver family flips out while standing in line for two hours waiting to ride the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  Just kidding,next week actually offers up a rather wicked twist.  The Weaver family, who lost their father in an accident at the Daytona Speedway, is apparently sent to face a challenge at the Talladega Speedway.

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