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The Apprentice Martha Stewart -The Many Faces Of Jim Bozzini

October 26, 2005 10:38 PM by Joe Blackmon

Jim_faceJim Bozzini returns from the conference room and tells the other candidates, “I warned her not to take me in there, and she’s gone, so whatever.”  Martha Stewart then shows up for a surprise visit.  After pointing out a dead flower and an overflowing trashcan, Martha challenges Jim to take the project manager role. 

The next day Martha calls the team out to her Connecticut studios, where she assigns them the challenge of raising money in a Beneful Celebrity Dog Auction.  In what appears to be an obvious voice over, the camera cuts away from Martha while she delivers a plug for Beneful dog food.  During Martha’s voice over, the candidates smile inanely and Jim exclaims “Wow!” 

Jim is project manager for Primarius, and Marcela is project manager for Matchstick.  Each team is assigned a group of celebrities to work with in creating a celebrity auction package.  Primarius works with Paul & Amanda Sorvino, Susan Lucci, John Lithgow & Joanna Gleason, and Todd Oldham.  Matchstick works with Chad Pennington, Fran Drescher, Bruce Vilanch & Jordan Ballard, and Merv Griffin.

During the negotiating process for Matchstick, Marcela and David both sit quietly and let their team members do all the work.  David also takes notes on a laptop, which irritates Merv Griffin, who jokingly accuses him of being in a chatroom.  On Primarius, Jim gets drunk, accuses the other contestants of being killjoys, and makes funny faces. 

The celebrity dog auction delivers some unbelievable bids, such as a walk-on roll on Fran Drescher’s show going for $28,000.  Primarius wins the auction challenge on the final item, insuring Jim’s safety for another week.

Martha doesn’t waste any time picking David and Marcela as the weak links on Matchstick.  She calls them both into the conference room to face elimination.  David delivers a speech about how he wants to run the Internet for Martha Stewart’s company and tells her that when he searches for “recipes” that he doesn’t find MarthaStewart.com.  The speech seems to impress Charles, but Martha says David needs more experience and tells him, “You’re not ready for an executive position.”  After David leaves, Charles still seems amazed by this thing called the Internet and remarks “In the future, I would like to hear his ideas about the Internet.”

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