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Martha Stewart Fires Two On The Apprentice

November 03, 2005 12:23 AM by Joe Blackmon

Bethenny_faceIt’s been a brutal two weeks for Apprentice candidates.  Last week, Donald Trump fired four Apprentice candidates.  This week, Martha Stewart had her own mini-massacre in the conference room and sent two Apprentice candidates packing. 

Martha via cell phone assigns introduces Peter Arnelle as the judge of the upcoming task and tells the teams that they will be creating a live action mobile billboard for the new product Tide to Go.  Sarah is the project manager for Primarius.  Sarah’s strategy seems to be to have everyone sit around quietly and try to come up with ideas.  Dawna is project manager for Matchstick.  Dawna’s strategy is to lead the team through a brainstorming session. 

Matchstick creates a boxing ring idea involving a superhero fighting a stain.  Primarius on the other hand just decides to go with the idea of no idea, and they hire a bunch of street performers.  The end result is Matchstick has an exciting, energetic display; while Primarius has a bizarre, confusing display. 

Primarius’ display involves dancing around and making weird faces.  It is so bad that it actually frightens little children.  Peter Arnelle says he was “completely and totally underwhelmed” by Primarius and says they had “the most pathetic display” that he’s ever seen in a communications program.  Matchstick wins the challenge easily, and their prize is breakfast with Martha. 

In the conference room, Martha Stewart tells Primarius that Matchstick killed them on this task, and Charles Koppelman compares Primarius’ display to a high school talent contest.  Martha is so displeased that she initially has everyone return to the conference room to face elimination.  However, instead of firing all five to one-up "The Donald," Martha decides to just fire two.  Martha tells Sarah that her leadership skills were lacking and tells Carrie that she doesn’t really know what she did.  Martha tells Sarah and Carrie that neither one of them fit in.

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