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The Apprentice – Martha Stewart Tells Howie That He Isn’t Passionate Enough

November 09, 2005 11:41 PM by Joe Blackmon

Howie_eliminatedAfter last week’s double elimination, Primarius only has three members compared to Matchstick’s five.  In a rare live appearance in front of the teams, Martha Stewart decides to even things out and sends Dawna from Matchstick to Primarius.  Martha assigns the teams the task of selling an outdoor product on QVC.  The team with the most revenue at the end of ten minutes will win the task. 

Howie, Jim, Bethenny, & Dawna make up the new Primarius, and Bethenny is project manager.  Marcela, Amanda, Ryan, and Leslie make up the new Matchstick, and Ryan is project manager.  Matchstick chooses a $99 automatic hose rewinder as their product, and Primarius chooses a $44 air inflater. 

On Matchstick, Amanda and Leslie squabble over who will take the lead in the on-air presentation.  As project manager, Ryan decides to let Leslie be the main on-air expert.  On Primarius, Howie and Dawna are originally selected to go on-air, but Howie can’t seem to remember the name of the product.  At the last minute, Bethenny replaces Howie with Jim. 

Matchstick sells less units, but because they had a higher dollar item, they win the competition based on revenue.  For their reward, Matchstick gets to go on a helicopter ride to Martha Stewart’s house in the Hamptons, where they are treated to seeing Martha’s taxidermy collection. 

In the boardroom, Martha says that she doesn’t think Primarius’ downfall wasn’t due as much to product as it was due to sales pitch.  Martha points out that Jim talked over Dawna and had his back to the camera.  Jim defends himself by pointing out that he had to take over for Howie and didn’t have a lot of time to prepare.

Bethenny picks Howie and Jim to go back to the boardroom to face elimination with her.  Martha tells Bethenny that her leadership skills are sorely lacking, but she likes her determination.  Martha tells Howie that he just isn’t passionate enough, and that this job at Martha Stewart Living requires a real passion.  Martha eliminates Howie with the tag line, “I just don’t get what you would do in our kind of company.”

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