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The Apprentice Martha Stewart – Is It Martha Or Is It Memorex?

November 17, 2005 12:21 AM by Joe Blackmon

Amanda_apprenticeIt seems like with everything that Martha has going on that she has very little time for her reality show.  Martha is too busy choosing the color for the February cover of her magazine to meet with the teams in person to assign them this week’s task.  The teams have to get their assignment via video conferencing.  Each team gets $40,000 to spend on creating a retail store for the Tassimo Hot Beverage System, and the winner will be the team with the highest sales.

Jim is project manager for Primarius, and Marcela is project manager for Matchstick.  Primarius decides to hire a PR firm to help them, and Matchstick decides to hire a celebrity pastry chef.  Matchstick succeeds in attracting a huge crowd, but they appear to lack the drive to sell the Tassimo.  Primairus spends $30,000 on a PR firm that at first seems to drive little traffic for them, but once traffic does start to materialize so do the sales.

Primarius winds up crushing Matchstick in the task.  Primarius sells $6,621 of Tassimo Hot Beverage Systems, while Matchstick only sells $1,891.  For their reward, Primarius wins a flight on a private jet, a tour of Martha’s home in Maine, and a sightseeing boat trip.  Of course Martha doesn’t have time to accompany them, so she sends her daughter Alexis.
Matchstick plots to crucify Marcela in the conference room, but Marcela finds an unlikely ally.  Jim gives Marcela advice on how she can point the finger at her teammates for not supporting her.  Marcela seems to gain confidence from Jim’s pep talk, and vigorously defends herself in the conference room telling Martha that she is often called the Mexican Martha Stewart.  Marcela picks Amanda and Ryan to come back to the conference room with her.

Marcela tells Martha Stewart, “Well, if you want somebody that’s cut-throat that’s not me.  If you want somebody that is willing to work hard and is absolutely passionate about what she does and will always carry herself with integrity then you want me here.”  In what looks to be one of the most blatant voiceovers ever, Ryan appears to nod in agreement while Martha tells him, “I like your sense of self and your sense of propriety and you are an upright young man, but you should know better to sit back while your leader is floundering.”  Martha then tells Amanda, “I think that you sensed weakness in Marcella and yet you did nothing to really help the team as a whole and you haven’t really shown me that you are a team player.  That sort of behavior is not something that we want here at MSLO.  Teamwork is one of the most important things.”  Martha Stewart tells Amanda goodbye. 

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