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Martha Stewart Just Doesn’t Need Leslie On The Apprentice

December 01, 2005 12:41 AM by Joe Blackmon

Jim_growls_at_carJim explains his strategy of coaching Marcela to Dawna as wanting to have the weak players left in the end.  Jim says, “If I have any say in the matter, I would rather have Marcela against me than Amanda.”  Jim quotes Sun Tzu as saying “Everyone observes the victory, but no one observes the strategy that provided the victory.”  Dawna says she is different because she would rather be with someone strong in the end because then if she wins it would be a good win.

Martha Stewart calls and invites the team to her house on Turkey Hill Road.  In a luxurious garden, Martha introduces the candidates to some of GM’s top executives.  She also assigns the task of creating an innovative launch display in a showroom to promote Buick’s new Lucerne.  Each team gets $65,000 to use in the creation of the display.  We also learn that when Jim hears about large sums of money his eye lids rise up and create a cash register like sound.

Leslie serves as project manager for Matchstick.  Ryan comes up with the idea of having the car at a dinner table.  Dawna serves as project manager for Primarius.  Bethenny comes up with the slogan of driven by elegance.  Jim gets down on his knees and growls at the car like an animal.  Bethenny and Jim get in a big argument in front of the designers working on the project. 

Primarius creates a gallery wall to show off the car, which looks sleek and professional.  Bethenny does a great job delivering the presentation.  Matchstick creates a restaurant design that looks awkward and confusing.  Leslie also stumbles all over herself delivering the presentation.  The GM executives choose Primarius as the clear winner.  Primarius wins the reward of a dinner at The Four Seasons with MSLO President/CEO Susan Lyne and MSLO Chairman of the Board Charles Koppelman.  At dinner, Jim describes himself as a super-villain. 

In the boardroom, Leslie blames Matchstick’s loss on the concept.  Martha Stewart points out that both Leslie and Marcela have lost twice as project manager, while Ryan has won twice as project manager.  Martha tells Ryan that he is working with two losers.   

Martha criticizes Marcela for not having a backbone and criticizes Leslie for talking too much.  Martha says that ultimately the execution was the problem and that she would prefer having the doer rather than the talker.  Martha tells Leslie, “We just don’t need you.”

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One Response to “Martha Stewart Just Doesn’t Need Leslie On The Apprentice”

  1. comatose Says:
    December 1st, 2005 at 1:48 am

    Is Martha’s daughter on sedatives or just severely depressed? either way she needs help.


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