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Wanted Ted Or Alive 2 To Premiere On January 8, 2006

December 23, 2005 12:01 AM by Joe Blackmon

This January, as people around the world ring in the New Year with traditional vows to change one aspect of their lives, five city slickers will be forced to change every aspect of their lives when they try to prove they have what it takes to survive a week in the wilderness, competing against one another in challenges of survival and outdoor skill, on the Michigan ranch of rock n’ roll legend, wildlife conservationist and lifelong hunter Ted Nugent.

Beginning Sunday, January 8 at 10 p.m. ET, OLN’s highest-rated 2005 original series, Wanted: Ted or Alive, returns to the network with new contestants and new challenges that will compel players to reflect on their way of life, on new beginnings, and, ultimately, their transformation of character.

An avid outdoorsman and considered by many as the world’s best guitarist showman, Nugent pushes the limits of each contestant as they are thrown into the wild and forced to live off the land to eat, win and survive with Ted’s tools and by Ted’s rules.  From using buffalo skin to make their own clothes to learning the sharp shooter skills of an archer, they participate in various challenges throughout the episodes, accruing points in the form of cash dollars along the way.  The participant with the most ‘money’ at the end of the week will win a grand prize of $25,000.

“In Ted’s game, there are no boardrooms, penthouse suites or five-star rewards,” said Gavin Harvey, President of OLN.  “Through adventures, challenges and tests of survival, these competitors will test their natural instinct to survive and reassess their moral fiber as they learn what it takes to be a true outdoorsman, battling the elements, the animals, and each other for the grand prize.” 

Ted’s challenges include, among others:
â⬠Naked Offer: Ted offers $1000 to anyone willing to forsake their clothing for a 24-hour period and dress only in garments they must construct from the skin of a buffalo Ted hunted.
â⬠Human Scarecrow: In an ultimate endurance test, the contestants are transformed into human scarecrows to scare off varmints in the field.  Only those who are in peak condition – both physically and mentally – will succeed.
â⬠ATV Roadkill Race: In this target skills challenge, the contestants must complete an ATV course as quickly as possible, but must also run over fake “animal” targets along the way. 
â⬠Swamp Find: Armed only with boots and rubber pants, the contestants must wade into Ted’s sludgy, smelly, putrid swamp and retrieve as many metal boxes as possible.  After retrieving the boxes, the contestants will find out if their efforts truly paid off, as each box could contain a dollar amount – or just an empty bullet shell.

The five contestants going head-to-head with Motor City Madman Ted Nugent include:
â⬠Will, Real Estate Investor:  Will is a real estate developer and nationally ranked tennis player from Fresno, CA. With a seven-digit net worth, Will attracts a lot of women, not only because of his money, he points out, but also his because of his stunning good looks.  He recently sold his 8,000-sq. ft. mansion and moved back home with his folks. Will insists he still hasn’t found the right woman yet. He might be egotistical – but confidence is key in the challenges he’s about to be put through.
â⬠Bridgetta, Tomboy:  Bridgetta is a model and aspiring actress from Los Angeles, who is working her way quickly into Hollywood’s in-crowd.  She has worked as an assistant for Val Kilmer, she’s been on the payroll for Dawson’s Creek, Joshua Holmes is her ex-roommate and she’s best friends with Linda Tripp’s daughter.  A huge partier, Bridgetta always gets what she wants, and she’ll seek revenge if people make her mad.
â⬠David, Stay-At-Home Dad: David is a professional furniture maker and designer from New York City, and a full-time stay-at-home dad (with a nanny, of course).  He likes to ride motorcycles, play tennis, and he excels at Scrabble, but can he out-shine the other contestants and win over Ted Nugent in the ultimate outdoor survival challenges?
â⬠Terry, Model: Terry, a model originally from Frankfurt, Germany, and her husband recently came to the U.S. to study (he’s going to be a neurosurgeon) and raise their two children.  She’s a wild, competitive, self-proclaimed drill sergeant who loves to have fun.  According to Terry, she gets along with women; they just don’t get along with her. But then again, she’s not here to make friends – she’s here to play, and win, the game.
â⬠Stevie, Club Promoter:  Stevie is a fast-talking, smoking, drinking, Miami club promoter. He has had experience hosting celebrity parties, but will this total character be able to schmooze his way onto Ted Nugent’s good side and outlast the other challengers in an environment that’s a far cry from the glamorous Miami nightlife he’s used to?

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3 Responses to “Wanted Ted Or Alive 2 To Premiere On January 8, 2006”

    January 7th, 2006 at 4:04 pm

    Lets see if the wanted ted or alive 2 , can beat the tv rating from wanted ted or alive 1. remember that kid joey wont be there! And hopefully their is not a another cry baby like carl on the show to kiss ass to ted. good luck people.

  2. Jodi Says:
    January 11th, 2006 at 7:18 pm

    Will – is this the same Will from Mr. Personality??? Sure looks like him!

  3. lee Says:
    July 15th, 2007 at 10:43 pm

    im in kansas city ks and i never see it on??? anyone know???


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