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Celebrity Fit Club 3 Offers Up First Reality TV Mooning Of The New Year

January 02, 2006 12:35 AM by Joe Blackmon

Celebrity_fit_club_3The more things change the more things stay the same.  As we enter a brand new year, Celebrity Fit Club 3 starts off the year 2006 with the continuance of a grand tradition on reality television.  Of course, we are talking about when a reality TV contestant drops their pants and moons their fellow contestants.  In 2005 even the classy Amazing Race got into the act of contestants mooning each other, so it should be no surprise that Celebrity Fit Club 3 offers up a mooning in its very first episode.   

Things start off innocently enough as the celebrities begin by measuring their body fat percentage in the dunk tank.  Later, the celebrities report to the track for their first workout, involving push-ups, sit-ups, hurdles, long jumps, and a mile run.  It is at the track where the bad boy of the group first surfaces.  Jeff Conaway (from Taxi and Grease) refuses to listen to the trainers telling him that he is not allowed to go to the bathroom and goes and takes a pee anyway.  Scandalous!  Once the track events get underway, Young MC wins the self-proclaimed title of the “Fastest of the Fat People,” and comedian Bruce Vilanch maintains a steady last place position. 

After the track event, the trainers select Jeff Conaway as the first team captain, which is when the chaos really erupts.  The trainers give Jeff grief over the aforementioned urination, which leads to the other celebrities giggling at him.  Jeff responds to the giggles by mooning the other celebrities. 

The trainers select Chastity Bono as the second team captain, and the trainers give Chastity grief over her smoking habit.  Thankfully, Chastity doesn’t respond by mooning anyone. 

The trainers assign Tempestt Bledsoe, Bizarre, and Kelly LeBrock to Jeff’s team and assign Young MC, Countess Vaughn, and Bruce Vilanch to Chastity’s team.  At the team weigh-in, Jeff’s team has a combined weight of 882 pounds, and Chasity’s team has a combined weight of 938 pounds.  Previews of upcoming episodes hint that Jeff Conaway looks to be the Danny Bonaduce of the group. 

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  1. Catherine Says:
    January 4th, 2006 at 5:36 pm

    I am dieting and exercising to lose weight just like the Celebrity Fit Club 3. I need encouragement through these next few months. Please email me with any stories or positive comments.


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