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Gauntlet 2 – Sexual Tension!

January 03, 2006 07:12 AM by Joe Blackmon

The episode starts off with everyone getting off a boat at a bar where David is bartending.  Everyone is getting down dancing except Jodi who is looking all sad on a stool.  She looks over and sees Mark grinding on Robin.  Jodi explains "I dated Mark before we got here.  I don’t even no why we stopped dating.  There was no explanation.  He told me he loved me.  He is a totally different person here."  Then we have Mark explain in a nonchalant way, "I dated Jodi for like three weeks, there’s no way I could  be serious with this girl because I just don’t want to date her.  She’s just got to come to grips with that I guess."

Jodi breaks down and starts crying in Susie’s arms.  Jodi goes into the bathroom with Susie telling her I told him I loved him and I never give that emotion away.  Susie continues to console Jodi.  Now here’s where the drama starts compliments of Beth S.  Beth overhears Jodi and runs to Robin and tells her that Mark was having sex with Jodi while dating Robin.  Robin says she knew it and is cool with it.  Then the whammy, Beth tells her that Mark also told Jodi that he loves her.  Robin then flips out and says "It’s weird to hear another girl say I love you to Mark, you don’t know Mark on that level." 
Everyone’s on the bus and Jodi is crying and says "He really did tell me he loved me and I believed it and Mark go **** yourself.”  We see Mark sitting next to Robin explaining to her to forget about the past and concentrate on the future.  He wants to be with Robin.  Robin almost breaks down saying you said you loved her Mark.  At this point, Mark then explodes and gets up and starts screaming into the camera "Get me off this bus! I’m gonna punch holes through it."  Mark says "It goes from Gauntlet 2 to Jerry Springer show in the matter of 2 seconds."  They get of the bus and Jamie gives Mark one of his buddist zen speeches explaining that Jodi is young and very emotional and  Robin is working off her emotions as well.
Susie reads the next mission.  It reads “Are you sponge worthy?  Meet at 9AM.”  Kina says "Before every challenge I prepare myself mentally."  Her and Ruthie have a heart to heart about the challenges.  The first challenge is called Sponge Worthy.  The challenge is to transfer water from the ocean to barrels.  One person has to wear a sponge, soak up as much water as they can, and others have to push it out into a barrel without using their hands.  The rookies come up with a plan to have as many soakers as pushers.  Julie claims the veterans don’t really have a good plan going.  They start and the guys basically have their heads pushed against the girls butts the whole challenge.  Cara comments "This whole challenge is very perverse.  Guys are just pushing against the girls bodies."  Veterans are 90% full but it’s not enough, the rookies take it faster at 100%.  They all celebrate and Kina comes and gets the check and Nintendo DS.
The veterans go back to the house to deliberate and Ruthie is nervous saying "It’s a sick feeling when you lose.  Oh my god, I’m going into the Gauntlet I might be going home."

It’s between Jisela or Beth, then Jisela volunteers herself but assures everyone she is not going out like Cameron, a punk.  Ruthie spins the wheel and gets to pick the challenge, and she chooses Reverse Tug Of War.  They are both tied to a rope and have to run to a flag on their side first.  Ace says "Jisela could easily win this challenge which makes me worry about losing a strong player."  TJ blows the whistle and Ruthie pretty much dominates her dragging her across the ground all the way to the flag.  Jisela gets up, and they hug each other.  Jodi comments "I don’t think Jisela was really trying."  Kina says "It’s kinda ****ed up if you think about it.  You give Cameron **** for bailing and then you bail, whatever **** it.  TJ is disgusted and tells Jisela, “You gave up, get out of here, you have 20 minutes to pack your stuff.”  Julie defends Jisela saying "Jisela really did make a sacrifice she didn’t sit on the side she agreed to participate."  Montana explains "It’s hard to compete with people that you developed relationships with maybe that’s why the Gauntlets haven’t been so cut throat."
Back at house we see Jisela saying goodbye to everyone.  Aneesa is taking it extra hard explaining her bond she created with Jisela.  Aneesa says "I feel like my girlfriend has just left me that’s how I feel."  Jisela hops in the car and is off.
Next night the cast throws a little party.  Everyone is wilding out and we find that Robin and Jodi are cool with each other.  Robin says "Me and Jodi are cool she got fed a bunch of garbage and it’s not the truth you need to be able to see through it."  We see Robin and Jodi party into the night away.  Then we see Mark and Robin dancing, and they explain that they’re always going to be into each other.  Jodi says "I still have feelings, it’s hard to just shrug that off but there is somebody out there that will really love me and mean it."  Then we see Alton snaking on up in there dancing with Jodi and laughing.  Alton says "Jodi freakin out over Mark and Robin it’s understandable that she’s gonna have a hard time seeing him with somebody else, especially when you have this internal conflict that you haven’t dealt with, but time heals all wounds.  She’s young, she’s intelligent, she’s gonna figure herself out, she’s gonna be great."  We see Alton and Jodi walking off.  This episode was puppy love with a little sexual tension added into the mix.  Jisela followed in Cameron’s footsteps and threw in the white flag.  Beth S. was a little devil stirring up the pot!

Written by Neal Damiano.  Neal Damiano is from New Haven, CT, and the founder of ND Productions.  His background inlcudes AllExperts.com  -Real World Consultant, Online Real World Trivia Champion 2yrs in a row, CTV Journalist Viewpoint- Inside Reality TV- Host & Producer, Press Coverage Real World Reunion Beacon Theatre NYC, Press Coverage on film Private Public featuring David Burns RW Seattle, Jason Cornwell RW Boston, Glen Naessens RW Los Angeles, Norman Korpi’s (RW New York1) Indie Film -The Wedding Video Long Isand screening premiere- Host & Coordinator, Footage shown on E Channel, and Joe’s World Foundation (Joe Patane RW Maimi)- Hosted several support party gatherings/events.  If you want to send Neal feedback, email him at nd.realitytvmag@gmail.com.

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