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Hot Tub Speed Dating On Flavor Of Love

January 08, 2006 12:04 AM by Joe Blackmon

Flavor Flav challenges his remaining fifteen Flavorettes to a never before attempted hot tub speed dating competition. That’s right, fifteen hot tubs, fifteen half naked girls and one bathrobe clad rap star.

The girls are given ten minutes each to leave a lasting impression on Flav as he scuttles wet and shivering from tub to tub in his fuzzy leopard print slippers.  Flavor of Love airs on Sunday, January 8, 2006 on VH1 at 10P.M. ET.

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One Response to “Hot Tub Speed Dating On Flavor Of Love”

  1. Ben Solis Says:
    January 9th, 2006 at 5:56 pm

    I was confused with the ending last night on “Flavor of Love.” What I got from last night was the fact that Flav didn’t like snitches because most of them only have their own interest (or own agenda) at heart. In the beginning, he was upset that Oyster told him the truth because he thought
    Oyster was purposely trying to kick Latin out, but I think he talked with “his crew” and they were the ones who finally confirmed (through video reviews) that Latin did call her ex and did mention that she would pick her ex over Flav. So when Flav finally figured out that Oyster was just telling the truth to let him know what goes on behind his back, he realized that she was not a rat. In fact, before he picked Oyster, he said something gracious like, “out of everyone in the house, Oyster is playing the game with my best interest at heart..” I don’t know much about red oyster but I like how she stepped up and didn’t care about what the others would think of her!


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