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Gauntlet 2 – Testosterone City

January 10, 2006 07:00 AM by Joe Blackmon

The episode starts off as usual with everybody dancing and partying in a bar and having a good time.  Then Brad approaches Derrick and says he has changed since becoming captain and calls him out on it.  Derrick then replies "Don’t do that man.  I got enough stress on my mind.  I don’t need to hear this from you." Then Derrick starts yelling "You are shutting me down for no ****in reason you deserve to get ****in hit in your mouth."  Then we see Derrick alone at the bar. Brad replies "He’s not the smartest ****in kid going."

Jeremy gets the clue reading “Get ready to paint the town red and blue.  Be ready to leave by 8:30AM.”  Mark explains it’s now tied up 2 wins a piece and it’s really important to pull apart and get a 3 – 2 lead.  Mark adds this is a guy’s challenge and it’s really important the guys step up and be focused because we can’t lose anymore guys.  MJ, Alton, and Jamie are talking, and Jamie says "I trust Alton.  I think he has the ability and ultimately it’s his butt on the line.”

The first challenge is called Body Painters. The idea is to paint several canvas, each one a different color.  The men have to wear speedos, and MJ says "I’m a little nervous about this one because I’ve just been informed I’m going to have to put on a banana hammock.  I can only imagine what my buddies back home are going to be saying."  Half the contestants are painters and the other half are appliers.  The appliers have to apply paint all over the painters, and the painters have to run over and smear it on the canvas, completely covering it.  Then they have to run over to the showers to clean off before applying a different paint color to the next canvas.
Timmy explains it is going to be funny rubbing each other, but they have to focus.  They start and Timmy says "We’re slathering all over the place, touching each others bits and pieces.  It’s kind of like a giant Andy Warhol’s big wet dream."  Veterans complete one first and are in the lead.  Adam comes up with this plan for the rookies, figuring guys have bigger backs, they load up all the guys with paint.  Veterans complete another canvas making it 2 to 0.  Rookies come back and get two done.  Jeremy has some old paint on him and has to go back, slowing up the rookies.  Veterans breeze through the showers faster and that brings them to victory.
Alton has to think about who he wants to put in the Gauntlet with him.  They go back to the house to deliberate.  Alton finds that Adam is the weakest man and calls him in.  Adam agrees and is willing to go in.  Alton spins the wheel and it comes up captain’s choice.  Alton respects Adam and decides to choose capture the flag because he feels it gives Adam a fighting chance.  Landon says "I just have a lot of respect for the way Alton is doing it as far as giving Adam as much chance as possible, but at the same time I don’t think it’s smart for the team.  We want Alton on our roster at all times.  For him to pick capture the flag puts him at risk as well as the team."
Adam goes up to Alton and says he respects him and shakes his hand.  They are at the Gauntlet, and TJ says this definitely was the tightest challenge thus far.  They both race up the net neck and neck, but Alton is slightly above Adam taking the win.  Adam says "Unfortunately I had somebody up there who is such a competitor, but I still feel like I gave it my all."  Alton says "You know I’m just trying to lead by example.  It’s not easy for me to be in the Gauntlet every time."  They both shake hands and hug.  Adam says goodbye to everyone and leaves gracefully. 

Back at the house Brad confronts Derrick again.  They explode at each other, yelling lets put the sixteen ounces on.  Brad spits at Derrick.  Katie comes over to Derrick trying to rationalize with him.  Mark mediates the two making them squash it.  Brad apologizes to Derrick and says "I can understand his point of view, and I really wish I would of approached him differently.  I don’t think he’s changed as a person.”  Derrick is sitting on the bed looking down.  Derrick says "I’m stepping up as the captain at this point.  I’m trying to be rational about this, keep the team unity alive, we’re not going to fight but don’t touch me Brad because I will put you in the Gauntlet."  Derrick goes up to Brad and says "I’m not mad at you, okay, okay."  They both hug each other, and Brad pats Derrick on the back.  Testosterone filled episode tonight, but I think Brad and Derrick will resolve this. Adam has to have had one of the most graceful exits from a challenge in the challenge history.  He gave superman Alton a run for his money!      

Written by Neal Damiano.  Neal Damiano is from New Haven, CT, and the founder of ND Productions.  His background inlcudes AllExperts.com  -Real World Consultant, Online Real World Trivia Champion 2yrs in a row, CTV Journalist Viewpoint- Inside Reality TV- Host & Producer, Press Coverage Real World Reunion Beacon Theatre NYC, Press Coverage on film Private Public featuring David Burns RW Seattle, Jason Cornwell RW Boston, Glen Naessens RW Los Angeles, Norman Korpi’s (RW New York1) Indie Film -The Wedding Video Long Isand screening premiere- Host & Coordinator, Footage shown on E Channel, and Joe’s World Foundation (Joe Patane RW Maimi)- Hosted several support party gatherings/events.  If you want to send Neal feedback, email him at nd.realitytvmag@gmail.com.

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