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Leah Barrettsmith, A Christian Rock Artist On American Idol 5

January 22, 2006 12:04 AM by Joe Blackmon

Leah_barrettsmithLeah Barrettsmith performed on the American Idol premiere with her sister Brooke Barrettsmith.  Leah Barrettsmith is a 19 year old female from Spring Grove, Illinois.  Leah sang “Blessed” during her audition.  Leah’s full name is Juleah Marie Barrettsmith, and her birthdate is April 20, 1986  (as referenced from an old webpage bio on her band’s website).  Leah has a MySpace account located at http://www.myspace.com/juleahb.

The Barrettsmith girls were introduced in a lengthy background segment, involving their hometown of Spring Grove, Illinois.  The sisters introduced the “infamous 4-way stoplight from their hometown.”  They also introduced the World’s Largest Corn Maze, which is cut into a tribute to the Chicago Bears winning the Super Bowl in 1985. 

What the background segment that portrayed them as small-town girls did not mention is that Brooke and Leah Barrettsmith are experienced Christian Rock musicians.  The sisters have been in a band called Two 4 One, which won a contest held by Morgan Cryar and Premier Records where the prize was full production of a single called "My 911." 

Two 4 One at one time had their own website, but the website is no longer online.  History of the website shows that in the past the girls had a development deal with Word Records of Nashville, Tennessee.  The website also mentioned that they had shared the stage with artists such as “Steven Curtis Chapman, Audio Adrenaline, Tait, Toby Mac, SuperChick, Jake, Paul Coleman Trio, Sonic Flood, Hangnail, By The Tree, Chris Rice, Jeremy Camp and many others.”

Two 4 One also included three male musicians (Brooke and Leah’s two brothers and a longtime friend).  The band released a CD called “Open Arms.”  Two 4 One described itself as  “a ministry dedicated to seeing young people truly changed by music with a message of eternal security found only in saving faith in the work of Jesus Christ. “

The decision to send the sisters through to Hollywood was not unanimous.  Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul said yes to both girls, while Simon Cowell said no to both girls. 

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