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Maven Huffman Voted On To Surreal Life 6

March 20, 2006 12:01 AM by Joe Blackmon

Surreal_life_6Sherman Helmsley, Tawny Kitean, Andrea Lowell, C.C. DeVille, Steve Harwell, and Alexis Arquette are all greeted at the Surreal Life 6 motel by a smart-mouthed Bellhop.  Florence Henderson also shows up to play the role of an in-house advisor, but she informs everyone that she will not be staying in the house overnight.

The biggest twist in Surreal Life 6 is that for the first time ever the celebrities get to choose a seventh roommate.  In a game entitled “15 More Minutes of Fame Reality Hunk Pangeant, five former reality TV stars compete to get voted into the motel.  The five reality hunks are Scott Long from Big Brother 5, John Palyok from Survivor, Corey Clark from American Idol 2, Ace Amerson from Real World Paris, and Maven Huffman from WWE Tough Enough.  Corey Clark tells the Surreal Life roommates, “I’ve got a really bad portrayal of myself in the media, and I think that this could be a good way for people to know the real Corey Clark.”    

Round by round, the six current roommates vote to eliminate one of the reality hunks.  Survivor John Palyok goes in round one, quickly followed by Corey Clark in round two.  Round three leads to some disagreement between the roommates, but they eventually eliminate Scott Long because he revealed his underwear and it had streak marks.  The competition comes down to Ace from Real World and Maven Huffman from WWE Tough Enough, but only the girls are allowed to vote in the final round.  With some prodding from the male roommate, the girls elect to vote Maven Huffman into the Surreal Life 6 motel. 

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