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America’s Next Top Model Eliminated Contestant…Kari

March 24, 2006 12:02 AM by Joe Blackmon

Rubber Legs Gets Bounced – Kari is the third contestant to be eliminated.  Each week we will be interviewing the contestants to get an insider’s view of life inside the house.  Kari’s ice princess cover shoot was breathtaking however; it was not enough to keep her in the running.  The judges felt that she was not runway model material.  “I disagree,” started Kari.  “I am not skin and bones.  I am comfortable with who I am.  It was hard to hear that. They have been doing this for six years so, I guess they know what they are talking about.”

Most of the girls seem to break down because they miss their family and friends.  In one segment, Kari is seen speaking with her parents on the telephone and starts to cry.  In a gentle voice her father said, “It’s a good growing up experience.”  It makes you wonder what happens in the house to make young women finally experiencing a dream of a lifetime want to pack it all up, because they miss their family.  This is not a lifetime jail sentence. Tears just came flowing down Kari’s face during her phone call.  Where are the tears coming from?  Kari explains, “It’s just the pressure of being from home.  It was stressful being away from my family.  Some days are up and some are down.  This just happened to be my down day.  My father constantly encouraged me and told me to suck it up because this is a chance of a lifetime,” remembers Kari.  She continues, “My family would always put it in perspective.  I was disappointed to leave.  In my first two weeks, I was strong.  They tuned the cards on me.” 

When asked about Jade, she had this to say, “Jade is still on because of her personality.  Deep down she has insecurities.  She must constantly remind us how wonderful she is.”  "I can get along with anyone.  Most of us took Jade with a grain of salt because we know who we are.  Gina is looking for people to build her up,” comments Kari.

When it came to the walking class with J. Alexander, Kari explained, “I had no experience in walking.” Kari laughs,  “I was extremely nervous.  I knew I was going to stick out.  It’s model boot camp.  It helped me.  I let them mold me to what they wanted.”

Currently Kari is a freshman in college. What is next for Kari, “Modeling and acting,” starts Kari.  “I would be the first one to pack up and see what’s out there for me.” 

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One Response to “America’s Next Top Model Eliminated Contestant…Kari”

  1. callie Says:
    June 10th, 2006 at 4:53 pm

    i absolutely love kari! she was my favorite girl and still is (along with joanie, danielle, furonda, and others) i really wish kari could have made it farther in the competition. the only reason why they eliminated kari was because her walk wasnt so great but what kind of reason is that? i was floored when they kept gina around, what a mistake. hopefully kari makes it to the big time because shes so beautiful and i want to see her again.


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