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Real World Key West – Boyfriend or Ex-boyfriend

March 24, 2006 12:01 AM by Joe Blackmon

The episode starts off with the roomies playing pool at the house.  John asks Svetlana how Martin is doing, and Svetlana replies "I don’t know he’s doing the same **** he promised he would stop doing, acting dumb with his friends."  Jose comments "I think she loves the attention that’s why she’s with Martin but deep down inside I think she may be looking for an outlet."

John talks with Svetlana about long distance relationships then Svetlana gets a call from Martin.  John explains "I think at this point Svetlana is very dependent on Martin and has no better option.”  John thinks she’s confused, saying she wants a boyfriend but while she’s here if something better comes along she’ll jump right on it.

Paula and Zach go to a bar and meet up with Crystal, a girl that Zach is attracted to.  Zach takes her aside and asks if she has a boyfriend.  She says that her boyfriend broke up with her, so Zach says “I’ll call you tomorrow.”  Tyler is talking to Svetlana, and John says “I forgot to do a toast, here’s to Martin, soon to be ex-boyfriend."  Svetlana comments "John wants to **** me, that’s all there is to it."  John and the roomies tease on Svetlana about her boyfriend.  Paula and Svetlana are talking out on the porch, and Svetlana says "I’m used to guys bashing my boyfriend because they just want to sleep with me."  Svetlana  explains to Paula that she doesn’t feel protected by her boyfriend and he doesn’t stand up for her.  Paula comforts her and says her boyfriend should make her feel safe.

Zach is on the phone with Crystal and asks her to come see the house.  Svetlana doesn’t want strangers in the house.  Zach thinks she’s jealous and says that she can’t tell me I can’t have a guest in the house.  Svetlana says "I’m just very protective of everyone in house, I don’t want anyone to get hurt."  Crystal is getting to know everyone, and John suggests they go skinny dipping.  Zach finds himself very comfortable with Crystal and hopes a friendship can build.  Tyler teases Zach about Crystal.

Svetlana is arguing with Martin on the phone and thinks this experience for her is a good test for their relationship.  Svetlana thinks he should stand up to his friends about her, and Martin goes off telling her his friends won’t change and she can’t change them.  Svetlana goes off on him saying he has no backbone and she hangs up.  Tyler tells Svetlana that men won’t make a decision and if he’s as immature as she is then things will go nowhere.

They all go out to a club, and Svetlana gets a new revelation with going out and not thinking or worrying about Martin.  John feels there’s a mutual attraction between him and Svetlana and something is going to happen.  They get home and John asks Svetlana "If you break up with your boyfriend right now would you go out with me tomorrow.”  Svetlana says "I’m a creature of habit, and I love him."  John tells her you have to love people for who they are and not what you can change them into.   

Svetlana drops a bomb on John explaining to him that she was raped by her first boyfriend.  John says "The fact that Martin didn’t do anything to this guy doesn’t mean he doesn’t care but at the same time him hurting this kid would it have made a difference, it still won’t change the fact that it happened."  Svetlana says it changed her life completely, and John says at the end of the day you’re a cool girl.  John hugs her and tells her that he is there for her.  Svetlana tells her boyfriend that we’ll work it out when she gets home.

Deep episode tonight, I have to say I have a new surprising respect for John, he seems to be a fratboy meathead with some soul.  I think him and Svetlana are going to become real close in the time to come.  Good for Zach to get out there and mingle with the locals.  I have a feeling Crystal is going to be a positive person for him during his time in Key West.  Please join my Real World internet show on BuddyTV – Tuesdays at 10pm. The website is www.buddytv.com sign up there.

Written by Neal Damiano.  Neal Damiano is from New Haven, CT, and the founder of ND Productions.  His background inlcudes AllExperts.com  -Real World Consultant, Online Real World Trivia Champion 2yrs in a row, CTV Journalist Viewpoint- Inside Reality TV- Host & Producer, Press Coverage Real World Reunion Beacon Theatre NYC, Press Coverage on film Private Public featuring David Burns RW Seattle, Jason Cornwell RW Boston, Glen Naessens RW Los Angeles, Norman Korpi’s (RW New York1) Indie Film -The Wedding Video Long Isand screening premiere- Host & Coordinator, Footage shown on E Channel, and Joe’s World Foundation (Joe Patane RW Maimi)- Hosted several support party gatherings/events.  If you want to send Neal feedback, email him at nd.realitytvmag@gmail.com.

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