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America’s Next Top Model – Confidence and Two Clues, Please

March 30, 2006 07:01 AM by Joe Blackmon

Here we go again.  Don’t wait to get on America’s Next Top Model to find your confidence and a few clues.  If you thought Gina did not know herself last week, this week was a no brainer as to who would be eliminated.  All the girls have taken the advice of the judges and applied it to their shoots.  Did Gina get the memo,? Hello! Anyone in there to activate Gina’s brain?  Gina has a fantastic face and no confidence.  One without the other does not work in the fashion industry.  Read on and count how many clues Gina missed throughout the entire show.

The girls were treated to a special posing class with the first supermodel, Janice Dickinson.  Lisa from season five joined Janice as human posing doll to demonstrate how to strike a pose.  Janice worked with the girls to help them find their individual angles.  Gina asked a question about posing and Janice made her get up; jump up and down on one foot while laughing.  Gina felt like a fool, looked like a fool and had no clue why Janice made her do a pogo stick stunt.  As Janice looked around the room at the girls she said, “Brooke looked like she just fell out of bed.”  Since cycle one, have you noticed that after the girls receive their fabulous makeovers that they don’t know how to maintain the style?  They always come to challenges looking busted.

Afterwards, Janice Dickinson joined the girls for lunch.  Jade felt that she clicked with Janice.  During lunch, Janice motioned for Gina to come over to her chair.  Then Janice asked Gina, “Who is the b*tch in the house?”  Gina would not answer however; Janice kept digging and asked, “Who is bothering you?”  Then Gina gave in and pointed to Jade.  Jade looked stunned that Gina would point her out to the famous Janice Dickinson.  As it turned out Janice hates rats.  “You never rat out the b*tches,” Janice screamed to Gina.  “You are dead in my book.”  Holy Cow!  Gina had no clue that Janice set her up for the fall.  In the next scene, the girls are in the car going home and Gina is crying her eyes out about the whole rat/Janice/Jade thing.  Will Jade strangle Gina in her sleep?  Will Gina get a clue sprinkled with backbone?  Well, this is what happened when the girls arrived home,

Gina was taking a shower and still very upset that she ratted Jade out to Janice.  Nnenna tried to console Gina, “Do you thing Jade will try to hurt you?” says Nnenna.  When Gina got out of the shower, Jade was sitting on Gina’s bed, dum dee dum dum.  Jade tried to confront Gina to get some answers as to why she would point her out as the b*tch in the house.  Gina did not want to discuss it.  “I’m tired Jade and I don’t want to discuss it tonight,” says Gina.  “I’m sitting here trying to make peace,” says Jade.  However, Gina wanted no part of Jade and said, “I feel sorry for you.  I’m done with you, Jade,” lashed out Gina. Hey, Gina stood up for herself, hooray!

Now for a commercial break.  I was watching the show with my colleague, Dalia and this is what she said to me. “Why was Lisa from last season on the show?  She did nothing.  Is this America’s Next Top Model’s way of getting their contestants work?  During the commercial break, we saw cycle 5 winner, Nicole being interviewed by Star magazine.  I thought Nicole won because she has a high fashion, couture look that could land her on the high fashion pages of Vogue and other high-end fashion magazines.  I thought I heard Tyra tell her audience not to believe what they read in the tabloid magazines.  Star is a tabloid magazine.  I am sorry but Nicole is boring. She did not sound believable when telling the reporter why she loved Cover Girl cosmetics.  To have Nicole interviewed on national television by Star magazine speaks volumes.”  Thanks Dalia. That’s our commercial break commentary, now back to the show,

The girl’s next challenge was to use the editorial/commercial posing techniques learned from Ms. Dickinson’s class.  The studio was set up with four backdrops that represented the four seasons of the year.  Since time is money at a photo shoot, the girls were given a few minutes to change for each season.  They had to pose themselves in front of the camera with no direction from the photographer.  Brooke complained that she did not feel comfortable and her photos showed it.  Leslie had the same facial expression in each photo.  Nnenna was live and inviting and guess who had no clue on what to do,.Gina.  Anyway, Nnenna won the challenge.  Her prize was an entire wardrobe of clothes from Sears.   Yes, Sears!  Nuf said.

Back at the house, Nnenna is on the phone with her boyfriend who misses her terribly.  He is actually making her feel that it’s not good that she is away from him for so long.  This is a great example of what type of boyfriend/significant other not to have when you have career goals.  The last thing you need is someone trying to hold you back because they are afraid you will leave them forever.  If the love was strong when you left, it will be there when you get back.  If not, then it was not meant to be.  We will encounter many relationship doors opening and closing in this lifetime.  If you remember that, you will be able to move through life without the use of a psychologist. (Excuse me; I was having an Oprah moment.)

The girls were invited to the set of Tyra’s daytime talk show.  She told the girls that modeling is a temporary career and asked them what else they would like to do in the future. Then Tyra took that information and allowed the girls to act out their future goals with an edgy twist for their next photo shoot.  Tyra also allowed the girls to use props, handsome, male props.  It was so cute to see all the girls blushing as if they had not seen male meat in years.  Jade said she wanted to be a nursery school teacher.  The hairstylist gave her bangs and long hair.  Hooray, Jade has the long hair she has always wanted.  She looked great in long hair.  It was blonde, sexy, fun and it softened her mannish features.  Gina wants to be a fashion designer.  She looked great in her makeover however; she had no clue on what to do with the props, her male model or her facial expressions.  “I know I can do better.  I’m getting lost in what is happening in the house,” cries Gina.  Sheesh, what a bunch of excuses.  The highlight was Nnenna’s shoot with her chocolate male hunk.  There was a whole lot of touching and the connection between the two ended in a kiss.  Nnenna ran off the set laughing with embarrassment.  “I enjoyed my photo shoot,” smiles Nnenna.

Back at the house Nnenna calls her boyfriend to tell him that she had a photo shoot with a guy and allows him to believe something happened.  She told him nothing happened.  I did not see anything happen. Did you?  Nnenna’s boyfriend hangs up on her and she is hurt.   He’s a jerk, Next!  Models may have to act out something at a photo shoot. Nnenna  got caught up in the moment.  The male model kissed her but she did not have to kiss him back.  Okay, I guess a little something happened.  Ahhhh,big deal, it was a peck on the lips.   

At the judging, the girls had to demonstrate three commercial poses for a catalog.  Guess who did not have a clue on what to do,Gina.   Then the girls had to demonstrate three edgy poses using fireman’s gear  Guess who did not have a clue on how many poses to do or if she should wear the gear or not, yes, it was “no clue” Gina.  In the bottom two, the names are Brooke and guess who,Gina.  How many “no clues” did Gina get on this show?  This is a no brainer and it does not matter what the judges said about Brooke because the girl going home is Gina.

Belinda James is the editorial director Model Material Online.  Go to www.Modelmaterialonline.com  On Thursday, check out our follow up interview with Gina at www.Realitytvmagazine.com.  See how she feels after being eliminated.  Will she continue to pursue a modeling career?  Stay Tuned.

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