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The Surreal Life Struggles With The News

April 02, 2006 12:03 AM by Joe Blackmon

As the cast packs up and boards a rock n roll tour bus for points north, Alexis opens up to Tawny about her lifestyle as a transgender and how the rest of the world sees her. Alexis and the rest of the cast learn upon arriving in San Luis Obispo that they are responsible for putting on the 6:30PM Live Action News.

Florence will anchor the program, Sherman is weatherman, CC will announce the sports, and Alexis is the Executive Producer. As Alexis takes the reins, she mutters, "God forbid they put a Tranny on the evening news. Someone might kill themselves."

As reporter Tawny struggles with the simplest of tasks, Field Producer Steve is forced to sit back and watch as his on-air talent, Andrea, drinks her way through a segment on a local winery. Sherman can’t seem to put down the Chinese food long enough to learn how to operate the green screen and CC sees stars when he gets in the ring with legendary fighter, Chuck Liddell. Will Andrea be sober enough to do her piece? And can Alexis convince the local news staff that she is more than just "a man in a dress"?  The Surreal Life 6 airs on VH1 on Sunday, April 2, 2006 at 9P.M. ET.

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