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America’s Next Top Model Episode 9 – Reality Is Bluffing

May 04, 2006 05:49 AM by Joe Blackmon

Reality is playing tricks on the girls.  Jade thinks she is levels above the other girls.  Furonda says she needs to up her game to be better than the others.  Danielle knows that her signature gap will make her a super model.  Sara never thought about modeling until Tyra’s crew spotted her in the mall.  However, reality is now revealing a trump card with Joanie’s photo on it.  She has been consistently delivering great photos and has no problem telling Jade to kiss her aaaaaaaaaah!  Jade and Joanie have been throwing daggers at each other the entire cycle.  The closer we get to the winner, the nails dig deeper and deeper.  “Joanie seems to be two-faced.  She does not say model to me,” says Jade.  “When I sit next to Jade, all I smell is b*tch,” comments Joanie.  Uh, Oh. Let the show begin,

The first challenge takes the girls into the world of Thai Dancing, which is a beautiful, detailed dance.  The girls had their first Thai lesson but Danielle was not feeling very well.  She had been suffering with a migraine all day.  After the Thai lesson, we see someone carrying Danielle to a van to take her to the hospital.  Danielle said her entire body was numb and she was shaking all over.  This reminds me of cycle one when Adrienne was rushed to the hospital, missed one of challenges because of her illness, and left the hospital to make the elimination ceremony and won the competition.  Do you think we will see this happen to Danielle?  When a tremendous blessing comes, there are all types of test to see if you can weather the storm.  Danielle has had a sprained ankle and now she has a little food poisoning, dehydration and exhaustion.  “We are up until 2am and must be up by 6am,” says Danielle.    Let’s allow Ms. Dalia to put her two cents in,.  “What are the girls doing up until 2am if they know they must get up in a few hours?   They need to get their butts in the bed.  Why is Danielle suffering from dehydration?  The camera adds on pounds and it seems as though she is losing weight.  Is she not eating?”

While Danielle was suffering from “who knows what syndrome’, the girls were performing their Thai dance in front of an audience and special guest judges.  Jade’s eyes looked worried and her body looks uncomfortable, says one of the judges.  Sara would be so beautiful if she had more confidence, says another judge.  Furonda did her own dance.  It was not Thai, but a combination of hula, club and stupid movements that made her look ridiculous.  The audience had a great time laughing at her performance.  The judges were not amused, “She is good in entertaining however she should be more disciplined and pay attention to the knowledge.  Joanie was the best one out of the bunch.  Everyone enjoyed her performance and her new smile.  The winner of this challenge was Joanie.  “Yeah!  I finally won something,” said Joanie with her great new smile.  Joanie selected Sara to share her prize.  “I want Sara to go because she has not won anything yet.” says Joanie.  An ungrateful Sara says off camera, “If you want to choose me do it because you want me to go and not because you feel sorry for me.”   Holy Cow!  Have you ever!  Anyway, the winners had dinner with Thailand’s Elle magazine Group Publishing Director, Whoopi!  I need a break,. A commercial break.

“Hi, it’s me Dalia with your Cover Girl commercial break with last cycle’s winner, Nicole.  WHY DID SHE WIN?  She sat with Katie Ford of the Ford modeling agency and there was no life behind her words.  She has no confidence for this industry.  She should not have won.  There may be nothing Ford or any other agency can do to make her a super star model.  Tyra is going to have to take a beating for this fiasco.  Tyra should also watch her body language and facial expressions because I have Time Warner Cable’s DVR.  I can stop and replay every frame of the show.  Every time Tyra has to give, Jade another chance to be in the running for America’s Next Top Model, her face cringes.  Let me translate Tyra’s body language,We have to find a way to get you off the show but we have not found an excuse yet, d*mnit!  Could the editing make Jade out to be a bad guy,? Nope.  I think Jade is really a nasty b*tch.  Okay, back to the show.”

For the next challenge, the girls’ location shoot takes place deep in the jungle and the only way to get there is by elephant.  Danielle leaves the hospital against doctor’s orders to get to the shoot.  This week’s product plug was for Venus power razor for women who want smooth shaved legs. The girls had to shave their legs and shoot with the elephant.  The purpose was to show smooth legs against the rough skin of an elephant.  Furonda is so awkward in her body that she looks ridiculous.  She is trying to hard to be fabulous and she is not.  Jade was more than ready however her shoot was just okay.  Joanie pulled out her trump card again and rocked the shoot.  “You better work, b*tch,” hollered Jay.  Joanie was fabulous!  She came up with unique ways to work with the elephant including posing on the elephant’s raised leg.  Next up was Sara and she thought that Joanie’s idea to pose on the elephant’s raised leg was so good that she would try it too.  Sara looked like a d*mned fool on a stick trying to copy Joanie’s brilliant performance.

At the elimination ceremony, the girls were asked to express themselves using only their body and not their face.  They were given a mask and had to show compassion, despair and sensuality.  Furonda can be great and horrible at the same time.  “A stylist would find it hard to work with you,” stated the guest judge.  The judges asked Sara if she was thinking like a model.  Give it a rest already and stop badgering the girl about wanting this title.  Remember, they came after her and it’s not as if Sara was standing on line like the rest of the hopefuls vying for a chance to get a spot on the show.  It feels like a police line up when the criminal is forced into saying “OKAY,I did it!  Sara had better not crack.  Jade photo session was beautiful but she was very stiff this week.  Danielle has to work on speaking clearly and loosing her southern accent and Joanie must show some personality in front of the judges.

In the end, it was Furonda and Jade in the bottom two.  It’s hard to believe that Sara has not been in the bottom two as much as Jade.  The judges felt that Furonda has a great personality however; she still does not get it.   The judges feel Jade is Jade and she marches to the beat of her own drum.  “If you knew everything, you would be a super model by now,” explains Tyra.   Tyra reveals Jade’s photo and sends Furonda home.

In her exit interview Furonda said, “How could they send the fabulous Furonda home.  There must be a mistake.  I am happy to be in the top five.

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2 Responses to “America’s Next Top Model Episode 9 – Reality Is Bluffing”

  1. megan Says:
    May 4th, 2006 at 10:18 pm

    jade should go home already!

  2. KB FROM H-VILLE Says:
    May 19th, 2006 at 10:19 am

    In case you haven’t heard Danielle won Cycle 6 of America’s Next Top Model, you go girl!


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