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America’s Next Top Model Eliminated Contestant Sara – Fate Got Her There, Low Confidence Got Her Out

May 11, 2006 11:18 PM by Joe Blackmon

If something lands in your lap with no effort, know that it is a blessing with your name written all over it.  When you know, you will not question or doubt it.  You will welcome the person, place or thing with open arms.  If only Sara knew that little bit of wisdom, she would still be in the running to becoming America’s Next Top Model.  The beginning of her story would have been a real life fairytale.  Oh well, wake up everyone and let’s talk to the tenth person to be eliminated,Sara.

QUESTION:  Did you know that Joanie was questioning your desire to be a model and trying to get the others to agree?

SARA:  Until I saw the show, I did not know they felt that way.  It was strange for me to watch that show.  Joanie and I had become good friends.  We did speak and I think she knows now my desire to become a model.

QUESTION:  In your exit interview from the show, you said that it might have been a bad thing to be discovered at the mall.  Was it a bad thing?  Do you think you should have stood on line like the other girls? 

SARA:  I am so lucky to have been in the right place at the right time.  I do believe in fate however, I felt being discovered in the mall played against me from the get-go.  I felt that I had to defend myself all the time. It was the one thing that frustrated me.  I thought about pursuing a career in modeling but I did not know how to get into it.  I did not want to be caught up in some scam because I know the modeling industry can be cut throat.  It was never a “right” time for me to get into modeling so I did not pursue it.

QUESTION:  What do you wish the show had shown to the television audience?

SARA:  I wish they had shown the strong relationships that were built.  They did not show that.  We laughed a lot because we were delirious from only getting three hours of sleep.

QUESTION:  You were not thrilled with your makeover.  Did you keep it?

SARA:  The haircut was a real shock to my system. It’s still short and blonde.  I have gotten use to it.  My friends, family and my boyfriend like it.  If  I do pursue modeling, I will figure out what is the best length for my hair.

QUESTION:  What was your worst and favorite shoot?

SARA:  My favorite shoot was the elephant shoot.  I will never get to do that again.  I also loved the bald shoot because I got the most praise.  The Ice shoot was the worst because I was wearing a thong and it was uncomfortable and cold.  The Falling shoot was bad also and I sprained my neck.  Every time I look at that photo it reminds me of how much pain I was in that day.

QUESTION:  Who has the height in the family?

SARA:  I was destined to be tall.  My dad is 6’5′, Mom is 5’11″ and my brother is 6’4′.

QUESTION:  Do you stay in touch with the girls?

SARA:  I stay in touch with Joanie, Nnenna, Mollie Sue, Furonda and Brooke.  It was hard to have a friendship because this was a competition.  I miss everyone and I hope Tyra has a reunion show.  I have not heard anything yet however, I would like to see everyone again and see how they are doing.

QUESTION:  What are your plans now that the show has aired?

SARA:  I am glad the show aired because now I can pursue a modeling career.  I have not decided which area of modeling would be best for me.  Watching the show was the best coach.  I can see what everyone else saw and now I can just relax and enjoy.

Sara has graduated from Georgetown and will be pursuing a modeling career.  She said she would always have her degree to fall back on if the modeling gig does not work out.  It is arrogant of one to look at another and think you know their deepest desires.  Only Sara had a secret thought long ago to pursue modeling.  Sara did not have to stand in line because it is her destiny to be a 6 foot 1 super model.

Written by Belinda James – If you have a question for the next person to be eliminated, email Belinda James at modeldigest@aol.com right after the show or visit www.modelmaterialonline.com for your free Model Source Digest Newsletter.

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