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Hell’s Kitchen – Two Aspiring Chefs Wind Up In The Hospital

June 12, 2006 09:06 PM by Joe Blackmon

Hellskitchen_burn_1After the twelve aspiring chefs show up at the restaurant, Chef Gordon Ramsay wastes no time in barking an order for them to prepare their signature dishes.  Chef Ramsay calls Keith forward first, tells him to take off his cap, and then dumps part of his signature dish into his cap.  Chef Ramsay then calls the other aspiring chefs forward one by one and verbally destroys their dishes.  Of all twelve, Giacomo’s signature dish seems to be the only one that Chef Ramsay finds edible.

Chef Ramsay divides the teams into men vs. women.  The men are assigned the blue kitchen, and the women are assigned the red kitchen.  Tom immediately comes under fire from Chef Ramsay for sweating in the food.  Chef Ramsay asks for volunteers and selects Heather and Giacomo as donkeys to keep the kitchens spotless. 

During the first dinner service, both teams struggle to get food out of the kitchen to the customers.  On the blue team, Tom upsets Chef Ramsay again by starting a fire in the kitchen.  On the red team, Polly can’t seem to get the appetizers complete, so Chef Ramsay makes her the donkey and brings Heather in to do the appetizers. 

When the customers start chanting that they want their food, Chef Ramsay shuts down the kitchen.  Chef Ramsay selects the red team as the losing team and selects Heather as the best of the worst and asks her to nominate two of her team for elimination.  Heather nominates Polly because of her lack of experience and Virginia because she didn’t do the best that she could.  Chef Ramsay picks Polly for elimination.      

The next morning Chef Ramsay has the aspiring chefs pull the rejected food from the dumpsters to teach them about waste.  Chef Ramsay challenges the aspiring chefs to cut perfect 10 ounce steaks.  The women finish with 12 steaks, and the men finish with 11 steaks.  The men have to cut all the steaks for the next dining service, and the women win a dinner out. 

The men plan to get a good night of sleep, while the women party in the Jacuzzi.  Larry is the only man that joins the women in the Jacuzzi.  Larry pays the price though and has to call for medical assistance in the middle of the night.  Larry calls the team to tell them that his body shut down from the stress and that he is in the hospital and won’t be back. 

During the second night of dinner service, the teams don’t fare much better.  Chef Ramsay selects Sarah and Keith to wait tables for the night while the others cook.  When the blue team struggles to remember the orders, Chef Ramsay barks “Would you like me to email that to your blackberry?”  On the red team, Heather badly burns her hand and is rushed to the hospital by ambulance.   

After most of the customers walk out, Chef Ramsay shuts down the kitchen.  Chef Ramsay selects the blue team as the losing team and selects Garrett to nominate two team members for elimination.  Garrett nominates Giacomo and Tom for elimination.  Chef Ramsay sends Tom back and selects Gabe to come forward.  Chef Ramsay picks Gabe for elimination. 

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