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Rock Star Supernova Goes Pro

June 26, 2006 11:05 PM by Joe Blackmon

Even though it is sure to be compared to American Idol because it’s a singing competition, Rock Star Supernova is a far cry from American Idol.   And we don’t mean that in a negative way for either show, but in a positive way, because both shows stand on their own for what they are trying to accomplish.  American Idol’s goal is to find the best undiscovered singing talent in America, and often takes someone who never got the breaks or had the connections to make it in the music industry and gives them a shot at superstardom.  Rock Star Supernova’s goal is to find the best rock star in America to front a band consisting of veteran musicians.  To be able to front a major band with the level of talent that has been recruited for Supernova, amateurs need not apply.

There aren’t any sixteen year old wonder kids on Rock Star Supernova.  Even though all the ages of the contestants haven’t been revealed, it appears as if 22 year old Dana Andrews is probably the youngest.  The fifteen contestants on Rock Star Supernova are some very talented and experienced musicians, many of whom have already had some measure of success.  For example, Magni Asgeirsson has had two gold records with his band in his home country of Iceland, and Jill Gioia has had a song go gold in Spain.  Ryan Star was even in a band that got signed by Madonna’s record label.    

Many of the contestants have also opened for some of the biggest names in the music industry.  Toby Rand and his band opened for Nickelback, Zayra Alvarez has opened for the Los Lonely Boys, and Patrice Pike has opened for the Allman Brothers.  Most of the contestants have been singing for a number of years such as Jenny Galt, who started singing when she was six, and Josh Logan who fronted a band at the age of fifteen.

Rock Star Supernova also has some very interesting characters, who should keep things interesting on the show.  Matt Hoffer use to play hockey, Storm Large is six feet tall and is said to have a fiery stage persona, Phil Ritchie was a straight A student, and Lukas Rossi has done vocals for an animated movie.  Some of the contestants have had to overcome difficulties to get to this stage in life, such as Chris Pierson who started writing after a personal turmoil and Dilana Robichaux who was hurt in a motorcycle accident.

The Rock Star Supernova contestants aren’t kids trying to grow into musicians or failed musicians trying to give it one more shot, but they appear to be a group that already has one foot in the door on the way to superstardom and Rock Star Supernova might be the platform that helps them get the other foot in.

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One Response to “Rock Star Supernova Goes Pro”

  1. Dee Says:
    June 26th, 2006 at 11:37 pm

    I cannot wait until Rock Star Supernova starts this year. This is the best reality show on the air. I absolutely fell in love with the show last year and JD Fortune rocked!


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