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Big Brother Controversy Down Under

July 02, 2006 11:02 PM by Joe Blackmon

While the first ever All Stars version of the U.S. Big Brother is likely to be a wild ride, we can’t imagine anything happening that would be as controversial as a recent incident on the Australian Big Brother.  Two male houseguests from the Australian Big Brother were escorted from the house by security guards after an alleged sexual incident with a female houseguest, and some people are now calling for the Australian Big Brother to be stopped and taken off the air. 

According to the Melbourne Herald Sun, the two houseguests that were removed from the house were John (whose real name is Michael Bric) and Ashley (whose real name is Michael Cox), and the alleged incident involved female houseguest Camilla Halliwell.  The Melbourne Herald Sun reports that internet footage showed John holding Camilla from behind while Ashley (a.k.a. Mr. Cox) knelt over and put his crotch in her face.  Channel Ten evicted the two houseguests because they violated the rule that houseguests “must take all care to ensure that sexual attention is invited and that consent to any sexual contact is mutual and informed.”   

Even though the incident is making big news in the Australian press, the female houseguest involved appears to be downplaying the incident.  The Melbourne Herald Sun quotes Camilla as saying it happened “just in fun” and she “wasn’t offended” even though she thought “they took it a little bit too far.”  Camilla also says they “laughed it off” and the guys were “just mucking around.”    

The incident has created a great deal of heat for the Australian Big Brother which was already under fire for a Big Brother Adults Only version that was recently taken off the air.  News.com.au reports that the Prime Minister of Australia is in favor of the show being canceled.  News.com.au quotes Prime Minister John Howard as saying, “Well here’s a great opportunity for Channel 10 to do a bit of self-regulation and get this stupid program off the air.”

Even though some want the show off the air, others are coming to the show’s defense.  According to Channel Nine, Queensland Premier Peter Beattie is against axing the show (even though he thinks it should be cleaned up).  Beattie gave a rather interesting argument for why he supports continuing the show.  Beattie is quoted by Channel Nine as saying, “Look, we have so much American crap on our television I think a bit of Australian nonsense doesn’t do any harm, frankly.” 

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